Monolith Cocktail - M.A.K.U. Soundsystem

Welcome to the second of our 2016 quarterly playlists; a chance to catch up on the last three months of posts and features on the Monolith Cocktail. We got everything, from polygenesis New York sass and funk, done Columbian style by the M.A.K.U. Soundsystem, to the return of the menacing augers of doom Radiohead. There’s Afro-Haitian vibes from Tony Allen and the Hispaniola Island’s best musicians alongside the all the best new Hip-hop cuts from Mr. Lif, Apathy and Danny Brown, and a wealth of folk, progressive, psychedelic, Krautrock, jazz and troubadour magic from Melt Yourself Down, Raf and O, Vukovar, Cate Le Bon, Spain and Mick Harvey.

Florian Pellissier Quintet  ‘Cap de Bonne Esperance’

Lars Danielsson, Marius Neset & Morten Lund  ‘Little Jump’

The Al Williams Quintet Plus One  ‘Sandance’

Apathy  ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’

Lyrics Born, Evidence & KRS-One  ‘Pack Up (Remix)’

Sleazy F Baby  ‘Y.N.I.F.’

Wordsmiff FLIP & Spitfire  ‘Self Made Serenade’

Offwhyte & Open I  ‘People Love A Show’

Radiohead  ‘Burn The Witch’

PJ Harvey  ‘The Ministry Of Defence’

Vukovar  ‘The Blood Garden’

Orchestra Of Spheres  ‘Trapdoors’

Acting Strange  ‘Sharp End’

Cate Le Bon  ‘Wonderful’

Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut  ‘Goggles’

The Orielles  ‘John’

The Velvet Hands  ‘Trains’

Many Monika  ‘Cut you Loose’

Angels Die Hard  ‘Angel Hive’

Lord Kesseli and the Drum  ‘Pure Emotion’

Renu  ‘Fight’

Raf And O  ‘Worms’

Melt Yourself Down  ‘Dot To Dot’

Taivaanvuohi  ‘Drop Drag’

Ang P  ‘This Is Life’

Flickadotcircus  ‘Nonlinear’

Danny Brown  ‘When It Rain’

Havoc, The Alchemist & Method Man  ‘Buck 50’s & Bullet Wounds’

Homeboy Sandman & I Am Many  ‘Real New York’

Mr. Lif  ‘Pounds Of Pleasure’

Skylab 3  ‘Life Forms’

Nimzo-Indian  ‘Sunken’

Star Parks  ‘Theoretical Girls’

Jenny Gillespie  ‘No Stone’

David Thomas Broughton  ‘Dots’

Mark McGowan  ‘Lighthouse’

Spain  ‘Tennessee’

Retoryka  ‘Are Human Beings Naturally Monotonous?’

Mandy  ‘Angela’

Mick Harvey  ‘A Violent Poison (That’s What Love Is)’

Papernut Cambridge  ‘Chartreuse’

Mianka Cultural Troupe  ‘Apolo’

El Sueno de la Casa Propia  ‘La Famillia Choquihuillca’

Jose Casimiro  ‘Morti Sta Bidjacu’

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem  ‘Thank You, Thank You’

Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra  ‘Salilento’

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