Monolith Cocktail - Silver Apples/ Playlist

PLAYLIST : Choice tracks of 2016 part three.
Selection: Dominic Valvona

Three quarters of the way through 2016 already, as the summer – though in the UK we’ve enjoyed a burnished reprise and late run of sunshine through the month – finally dissipates and the long autumn/winter trudge beckons, the Monolith Cocktail is ready to announce another ‘quarterly playlist’ of choice tracks. Featuring both tracks we’ve reviewed and those we never had time to squeeze in, our popular selection is as ever the most eclectic with esoteric Americana, left field hip-hop, Mauritania griot psych, Cape Verde funana and a wealth of hybrids and cross-pollinations all coming together under one roof. Bat For Lashes, M.I.A., Sadat X, Wolf Parade, Grumbling Fur, Gaslamp Killer, Elliot Fresh, Wild Beasts, Vaudou Game and Bob Lind….yes, BOB LIND!! They all make an appearance. It is a bumper edition, with we believe more tracks than we’ve ever featured before on one playlist: It’s generous alright.

The Tracklist In Full

Wovenhand  ‘Come Brave’
Wolf Parade  ‘C’est La Vie Way’
Martin Creed  ‘(You Put Your) Hand In My Hand’
Melody Parker  ‘Love’
The Gaslamp Killer  ‘Haleva’
C Duncan  ‘Wanted To Want It Too’
Jellyskin  ‘Grey Glass Hat’
Water Pageant  ‘Cavalry’
Bat For Lashes  ‘Honeymooning Alone’
Wild Beasts  ‘Celestial Creatures’
Raf And O  ‘Win’
Os Noctambulos  ‘Changes’
SonnyJim, DJ Nonames  ’24 Karat’
Elliot Fresh  ‘Piece Of Mind’
Tenchoo, Ill Move Sporadic, Sleaford Mods  ‘Who’s On The One?’
WHITE  ‘I Liked You Better When You Needed Me’
Xenia Rubinos  ‘Mexican Chef’
M.I.A.  ‘Go Off’
Jewels Hunter, Qwel  ‘Annotations’
Ill Bill  ‘Make Them Die Slowly’
Kool Keith, MF Doom  ‘Super Hero’
Sadat X, R.A. The Rugged Man, Thirstin Howl III  ‘Industry’s Outcast’s’
Atmosphere  ‘Like A Fire’
Awate  ‘Fever’
Noura Mint Seymali  ‘Suedi Koum’
Vaudou Game  ‘Locataire’
Goat  ‘Try My Robe’
Senji Niban  ‘Atomic Blues (Emergency Mix)’
CHUCK  ‘Pictures’
David West  ‘Dream On Dreamer’
Grumbling Fur  ‘Acid Ali Khan’
Thorn Seyma, Am Chorn Pond  ‘Bong Euy Sdaap Pkor (Hear The Thunder)’
Bob Lind  ‘From The Road’
Happyness  ‘Anna, Lisa Calls’
Ian William Craig  ‘Power Colour Spirit Animal’
The Fiction Aisle  ‘Dust’
Silver Apples  ‘Fractal Flow’
El Michels Affair, The Shacks  ‘Strange Boy’
BROOKZILL!, Fafa de Belem & Kiko Dinucci  ‘Mad Dog In Yoruba’
Onoe Caponoe  ‘Return Of The Cyclopes’
Ryu, Gravity Christ, Divine Styler  ‘Radio Pollution’
Bitori  ‘Bitori Nha Bibinha’

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