Self-explanatory really, you can find all of the various posts from the year (2019) below.

Photo credit: Marilena Delli


ODB 298: Little Albert ‘Why’, Living Hour ‘Softer Faces’, Amanita ‘Sol y Sombra’, Storm Lite ‘Warning’  (BS)

ODB 297: Dub Colossus ‘Dr. Strangedub’  (DV)

R&V: Hip-Hop Revue: Andy Cooper, Brothers Of The Stone, Ill Move Sporadic & Joey Menza, Bailey’s Brown, MysDiggi, Black Josh, Yugen Blakrok  (MO)

ODB 296: The Telescopes ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’, Kungens Man ‘Chef’, The Paris Street Rebels ‘I Don’t Want To Die Young’  (BS)

TOF 071: Cosey Fanni Tutti ‘TUTTI’, Station 17 ‘Ausblick’ & ‘Werkschau’, White Fence ‘I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk’, Flibbertigibbet ‘Whistling Jigs To The Moon’, JODI ‘My Espontaneo’, Deep Cut ‘Different Planet’, Garrett N. ‘Let’s Get Surreal’, Twink ‘Brand New Morning/Dream Turn Into Rainbows’, Clovvder ‘Traits’  (DV)

ODB 295: Ustad Saami ‘God Is Not A Terrorist’  (DV)

ODB 294: La Rappresentante di Lista ‘Go Go Diva’  (GM)

ODB 293: Eerie Wanda ‘Pet Town’, Cleaning Women ‘Intersubjectivity’  (BS)

ODB 292: Deerhunter ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’  (DV)

ODB 291: Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba ‘Miri’  (DV)

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