Self-explanatory really, you can find all of the various posts from the year (2019) below.

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Our Daily Bread 356: Bloom De Wilde ‘Atlas Connection’, Kill Your Boyfriend ‘Elizabeth’, Ringfinger ‘Pressure’, bigflower ‘The Other Place’, Modesty Blaise ‘Natalie Vendredi’, The Kanz ‘Carpe Diem’, Cascade Lakes ‘For The Record’, Pocket Knife ‘The Archipelago EP 3’  (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

Choice Albums of 2019: Part One (A – G): A Journey Of Giraffes, Adam Green, Gawd Status, Babybird, Simon Bonney, Good Ones, Datkid, Callum Easter  (Dominic Valvona, BBS, Matt Oliver, Gianluigi Marsibilio)

Choice Albums of 2019: Part Two (H – P): Haq, Homeboy Sandman, hifiklub, Labelle, Pozi, Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou  (DV, BBS, MO, GM, Andrew C. Kidd)

Premiere: Mining Co. ‘Long Way To Christmas’ Video  (DV)

Choice Albums of 2019: Part Three (Q – Z): Chris Quelle, Rapsody, Sad Man, Sault, The Telescopes, Vampire Weekend  (DV, BBS, MO, GM, ACK)

Quarterly Revue Playlist: Part Four: Automatic, SUO, Prince Rama, Junius Paul, Xenia Rubinos, Northwest, Vola Tila  (DV, BBS, MO)

Premiere: Syd Nukukluk ‘Plasticene’ Video  (MO)

ODB 357: The Membranes ‘Nocturnal’, New Art School ‘My Band’, Prophecy Playground ‘Politely Polluting’, Pink Chameleons ‘Songs’  (BBS)



MC Social #XL: Gift Horse, Ray Harris, Grand Puba, The Screamers, Game Theory, Double XX Posse  (DV)

ODB 352: Automatic ‘Signal’, No New Dawn ‘Double Dream’, Dub Chieftain ‘Puppo Shadets’, Telgate ‘Cherrytight’, The NoMen ‘No Mania’  (BBS)

ODB 353: The Provincials ‘The Dark Ages’  (DV)

Tickling Our Fancy 080: V/A ‘Mogadisco’, Shanghai Restoration Project ‘Flashbacks In A Crystal Ball’, Boa Morte ‘Before There Was Air’, The Fox ‘For Fox Sake’, Lucifer Was ‘Underground And Beyond’, Origami Repetika ‘Night Of The Jaguar’, Rootea ‘Phobias’, Elizabeth Joan Kelly ‘Farwell, Doomed Planet’  (DV)

Rapture & Verse: Hip-Hop Revue: Homeboy Sandman, Apollo Brown, Brother Ali, Klashnekoff, Tuff Boyz  (MO)

ODB 354: Right Hand Left Hand ‘Zone Rouge’  (DV)

ODB 355: Thirty Pounds Of Bone & Phillip Reeder ‘Still Every Year They Went’, Lark ‘Bleeding Songs’, New Art School ‘The Chosen Ones’, Pieter Nooten ‘Se Dire Au Revoir’, Troia ‘S/T’  (BBS)

Kalporz X MC: Interview: Orville Peck  (Matteo Bordone)

MC Social Playlist #XLI: Exploding Budgies, Souls Of Mischief, Atomic Forest, Kraan, Pale Fountains  (DV)


ODB 348: Owen Tromans  ‘Between Stones’  (DV)

MC Social #XXXIV: Spam Allstars, Clor, Jode, Setna, Tomat, Yz, Richard Pinkas  (DV)

ODB 349: Comet Gain, SUO, Haq, Pete Astor, Red Gaze, The Lounge Bar Orchestra, James McArthur  (BBS)

TOF 079: Aziza Brahim ‘Sahari’, Compro Oro ‘Suburban Exotica’, Invisible System ‘Dance To The Full Moon’, Alex Stordiau ‘Poking Your Imagination’, The Mining Co. ‘Frontier’, Xylouris White ‘The Sisypheans’, Rafiki Jazz ‘Saraba Sufiyana’, Karkara ‘Crystal Gazer’  (DV)

Premiere: Sebastian Reynolds ‘Manimekhala EP’  (DV)

R&V: Danny Brown, Rodney P, Dr. Syntax, Skyzoo, Von Pea, Ocean Wisdom  (MO)

Perusal #001: Haich Ber Na, Giant Swan, Junius Paul, Bear With Me, Sun Ra, Land Of Ooo  (DV)

Kalporz X MC: Girl Band ‘The Talkies’  (Nicola Guerra)

Halloween Soundtrack: Ghouls, Ghosts & Goblins: Kim Fowley, Les Baxter, Wu Tang Clan, James Gang  (DV)

ODB 350: Elizabeth Everts ‘Black Is The Colour’  (DV)

ODB 351: Big Thief ‘Two Hands’  (GM)



Q2019: Part 3: Snapped Ankles, Danny Brown, Trupa Trupa, Stereo Total, Baby Taylah, Badge Epoque Ensemble, Matana Roberts  (DV, BS, MO)

ODB 347: The Monochrome Set ‘Fabula Mandax’, The New Art School ‘Mod Kid’, The Pooh Sticks ‘Seven Inch Box’, Lounge Bar Orchestra ‘Washing Lines’, The Cult Of Free Love & The Magic Seas ‘Split EP’, Equinox ‘Correction’, Occult Character ‘Cult Of Ignorance’  (BS)

Premiere: Storm The Palace ‘Clive’  (BS/DV)

R&V: Blade, Dz The Unknown, J-Lately, Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts, Bill Shakes, Ras Kass  (MO)

TOF 078: Bantou Mentale ‘ST’, Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe ‘Osondi Owendi’, Max Andrzejewski’s Hutte ‘Hutte And Guests Play The Music Of Robert Wyatt’, Los Piranas ‘Historia Natural’, The Cold Spells ‘Interstitial’, Maurits Pauwels En De Benelux Calypso ‘Tien Toppers Uit Trinidad’, Catgod ‘Feel It Go Round’, The Cosmic Dead ‘Scottish Space Race’  (DV)


ODB 346: Red Kross ‘Beyond The Door’, Darren Hayman ‘Songs Of High Altitude’, Lascivious Wyrm ‘Trashelizer’, Storm The Palace ‘Delicious Monster’, Bathtub Gin Band ‘From The Old Navy Club’, Seaside Witch Coven ‘Splutter’  (BS)

ODB 345: Roi ‘Dormouse Records’  (DV)

Premiere: John Johanna ‘Prodigal Son’  (DV)

Premiere: A Journey of Giraffes ‘Kona’  (DV)

ODB 344: Lark ‘Blink’, Asbestos Lead Asbestos ‘Nature Of Feline’, bigflower ‘The Look Of Love’, The Cigarettes ‘You Were So Young’, Unwavering ‘Free The Thaw Chorus’, Repo-Man ‘I Can Live with It if You Can, Son’, Occult Character ‘National Razor’, Rose McDowell & Shawn Pinchbeck ‘Gem’  (BS)

R&V: Black Milk, Ash The Author, Giallo Point, Kool Keith, Grieves, Ded Tebiase, Juga-Naut  (MO)

TOF 077: Baba Zula ‘Derin Derin’, Trupa Trupa ‘Of The Sun’, Taichmania ‘Seventh Heaven’, Junkboy ‘Trains, Trees, Topophilia’, Jodie Lowther ‘The Cat Collects’, Society Of The Silver Cross ‘1 Verse’, Tenakhongva/Stroutsos And Nelson ‘Ongtupqa’, House Of Tapes ‘Embers Dreams’, Philip Gropper’s Philm ‘Consequences’  (DV)

ODB 343: Swan/Koistinen  ‘ST’  (ACK)

MC Social Playlist #38: Pazop, Ornette Coleman, Bob Dylan, The Monkees, Ballroom, Nancy Priddy, BDP  (DV)


ODB 336: John Johanna ‘Seven Metal Mountains’  (DV)

Premiere: Junkboy ‘Waiting Room’ (DV)

R&V: Dillon, Louis Cypher, Delusionists, Madlib, Gawd Status, Frani P  (MO)

ODB 337: Duncan Lloyd ‘Outside Notion’, The Martial Arts ‘I Used To Be Martial Arts’, Palavas ‘Played’, The TOp Boost ‘Dreaming’, Armstrong ‘Under Blue Skies, Quimper ‘I Am An Italian Souvenir’, Paper Hats ‘Tearing’, Babybird ‘Photosynthesis’  (BS)

TOF 076: The Untied Knot ‘Falling Off The Evolutionary Ladder’, Nicolas Gaunin ‘Noa Noa Noa’, Abdullah Ibrahim ‘The Balance’, Koma Saxo ‘Port Koma’, Fohn ‘Ballpark Music’, Julia Meijer ‘Always Awake’, Elizabeth Everts ‘Contraband’, Qujaku ‘In Neutral’, Chlorine ‘Galloones’  (DV)

MC Social Playlist XXXVII: The Move, Compost, Bo$$, Tuff Crew  (DV)

ODB 338: Sirom ‘A Universe That Roasts Blossoms For A Horse’  (DV)

ODB 339: Thom Yorke Live in Rome  (GM)

ODB 340: Park Jiha ‘Philos’  (ACK)

ODB 341: Toxic Chicken ‘Uncomfortable Music’, Snapped Ankles ‘Stunning Luxury’, Anton Barbeau ‘Berliner Grotesk’, Simon Waldram ‘Into The Blue’, Moody Mae ‘Throwing Rocks At John E. Road’, Radio Europa ‘Community Revolution’, bigflower ‘Night And Day’, Why Sun ‘Frugte’  (BS)

PREVIEW: A Rumor In Uskudar Part 4  (AS)

ODB 342: Frog ‘Count Bateman’  (GM)



Jan – June


ODB 330: Various ‘Jambu e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia’  (DV)

ODB 331: Beef Gordon ‘ABC’, Colossus ‘Ynys Mon’, Graham Domain ‘Love And Sadness’, Gisli ‘The Skeleton Crew’  (BS)

R&V: June Edition: Danz, Bailey’s Brown, Beetlz Cutz, Red Beard, Chris Orrick, Sampa The Great  (MO)

ODB 332: Solo Collective ‘Part Two’  (DV)

ODB 333: Western Edges ‘Prowess’  (ACK)

ODB 334: Dubi Dolczek ‘Voyage To The Cat’s Paw Nebula’, Anthony Reynolds ‘A Painter’s Life’, Ray Kosmische ‘Anti-Litterbug’, Big Flower ‘What You Get’ Scandinavia ‘Premium Economy’, Toxic Chicken ‘Wormhole’  (BS)

Kalporz X MC 004: Interview Tennis Club  (CM)

TOF 075: 75 Dollar Bill ‘I Was Real’, Simon McCorry ‘Border Land’, Meursault ‘Crow Hill’, Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan ‘Times Of Maharaja’, Camino Willow ‘Monotopia’, Posset/Ulyatt ‘A Jar Full’, Manu Louis ‘Cream Parade’, Chelique Sarabia ‘Revolución Electrónica en Música Venezolana’, Nick Garrie ‘The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas’, Kota Motomura ‘New Experience’  (DV)

Quarterly Playlist: Part Two: Apparat, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Bantou Mentale, Tinariwen, She Keeps Bees, Smugglers Brothers, Sans Soucis  (DV, MO, BS, ACK, GM)

ODB 335: Skyjelly ‘We Pull The Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers’, Stereo Total ‘Ah! Que! Cinema’, Spam Javelin ‘Fake News’, Bloom De Wilde ‘Soul Siren’, Krause ‘The Ecstasy Of Infinite Sterility’, The Goa Express ‘The Day’  (BS)



ODB 323: Raf And O ‘Space Between Nothing And Desire’  (DV)

R&V: Hip-Hop Column: Your Old Droog, Onoe Caponoe, Dave Cave, Ill Move Sporadic, Illinformed, Nolan The Ninja  (MO)

ODB 324: Selfless Orchestra ‘Eden Is Lost’  (ACK)

ODB 325: Aldous Harding ‘Designer’  (GM)

ODB 326: Ethnic Heritage Ensemble ‘Be Known Ancient/Future/Music’  (DV)

Kalporz X MC 003: Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail 003: [Photo] Low Live In BolognaLow Live Photos  (GL)

ODB 327: John MOuse ‘There’s A Hole…’, Sue ‘It Will Never End’, The Pinheads ‘Is This Real?’, Earth Tongue ‘Floating Being’, The Blue Orchids ‘The Magical Records Of Blue Orchids’, Delta Mainline ‘Bel Avenir’  (BS)

ODB 328: Simon Bonney ‘Past, Present, Future’  (DV)

Preview: Part 3 A Rumor In Uskudar: ‘An Old Man’  (AS)

MC Social Playlist XXXVI: Mark Hollis, MC Duke, Barbara Howard, Lotti Golden, The Rakes (DV)

TOF 074: Mike Gale ‘Summer Deluxe’, Von Spar ‘Under Pressure’, Chris Brokaw ‘End Of The Night’, Oliver Cherer ‘I Feel Nothing Most Days’, Stanlaey ‘The Human Project’, Brickwork Lizards ‘Live At St. Giles’, GOATS ‘Far Out’, Wilderwolves ‘Inhale, Increase The Dose’, John Johanna ‘Children Of Zion’, Society Of The Silver Cross ‘Kali Om’ and ‘Mighty Factory Of Death’  (DV)

ODB 329: Holly Herndon ‘PROTO’  (GM)




Kalporz Exchange 002: Mini Dresses Interview (GM)

ODB 314: Labelle ‘Orchestre Univers’ (AK)

ODB 315: Per W/Pawlowski ‘Outsider/Insider’ (DV)

ODB 316: Black Flower ‘Future Flora’ (DV)

ODB 317: Wand ‘Laughing Matter’, Charly Bliss ‘Young Enough’, Shit Creek ‘Prozac Rainbow’, She Keeps Bees ‘Kinship’, Outside The Glitch ‘ST’, Julinko ‘Nektar’ (BS)

ODB 318: Ty Segall ‘Deforming Lobes’ (GM)

ODB 319: Larry “Ratso” Sloman ‘Stubborn Heart’ (DV)

ODB 320: Toby Marks & Andrew Heath ‘Motion’ (AK)

Preview: A Rumor In Uskudar: Part 2: Back For Good (AS)

ODB 321: Susana Estrada ‘Amor y Libertad’, Mcphee ‘ST’, Thomas Hamilton ‘Pieces For Kohn’, Toxic Chicken ‘Fun’, Xqui ‘Settlers EP’, Gang Of Four ‘Happy Now’ (BS)

ODB 322: Altin Gun ‘Gece’ (DV)



ODB 306: Ifriqiyya Electrique ‘Laylet el Booree’ (DV)

Kalporz Exchange 001: Stella Donnelly Interview (GM)

ODB 307: Royal Trux ‘White Stuff’ (GM)

ODB 308: Beauty Stab ‘O Edan’ (BS)

TOF 073: Mekons ‘Deserted’, Mandrake Paddle Steamer ‘Pandemonium Shadow Show’, Hasting’s Street Opera ‘Slippery When Wet’, Willie Gibson ‘Saint-Ex’, Rocket Girl 20th, £9 Clocks ‘Next Dimension Transfer’, Olcay Bayir ‘Ruya’, Blue House ‘Gobstopper’, Ben Osborn ‘Letters From The Borders’ (DV)

ODB 309: Escupementralla ‘Fe, Esperanza Y Caridad’ (AK)

Preview: A Rumor In Uskudar Serialised (AS)

R&V March: The Kingdom, SOL Development, Illaman, Sadistik, Leaf Dog, Oh No (MO)

ODB 310: Interview: Beauty Stab (BS)

ODB 311: Swazi Gold ‘Jehovah’s Witness’, Louis Jucker ‘Krakeslottet’, Venus Fly Trap ‘Morphine’, Tempertwig ‘Fake Nostlogia’, Graham Domain ‘Cold Moon Harmonies’, Quiet Marauder & Mathias Kom ‘The crack And What It Meant’ (BS)

ODB 312: John Howard ‘Cut The Wire’ (DV)

Q2019 Playlist: Part One: Black Flower, Graham Domain, The KingDem, Czarface, Kel Assouf, Station 17, Royal Trux, 3 Banana & South (DV/MO)

ODB 313: Vukovar ‘Cremator’ (DV)


Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #XXXV: Monolith Cocktail Social #XXXV: Roger Bunn, Yasuaki Shimizu, Don Muro, Black Savage…Roger Bunn, The Goats, Yasuaki Shimizu, J. Jasmine, Don Muro, Black Savage (DV)

ODB 305: Our Daily Bread 305: Whispering Sons, So Beast, Coldharbourstores, The Proper OrnamentsThe Proper Ornaments ‘Six Lenins’, Coldharbourstores ‘Vesta’, So Beast ‘Fit Unformal’, Whispering Sons ‘Image’ (BS)

R&V: FEB: Czarface vs Ghostface Killah, Pitch 92, Bronx Slang, Joker Starr (MO)

ODB 304: Alessio Bondi ‘Niruvu’ (DV)

TOF 072: Gunter Schickert ‘Nachtfalter’, Santiago Cordaba ‘En Otros Lugares’, Katie Doherty ‘And Then’, Heyme ‘Noise From The Attic’, White Hidden Noise ‘Beside The Sea’, Rodopi Ensemble ‘Thraki-Thrace’, Abdesselem Damoussi & Nour Eddine ‘JEDBA’, Tri Nguyen ‘The Art Of’, 3 South And Banana ‘Rooftop Trees’, Julia Meijer ‘Train Ticket’, Society Of The Silver Cross ‘When You’re Gone’ (DV)

ODB 303: Beirut ‘Gallipoli’ (GM)

ODB 302: Tim Linghaus ‘About B.’ (ACK)

ODB 301: Delicate Steve ‘Till I Burn Up’, Mozes And The First Born ‘Dadcore’, Bibi Den ‘Sensible’, Sir Robert Orange Peel ‘Turn That Bloody Racket Down’ (BS)

ODB 300: Kel Assouf ‘Black Tenere’ (DV)

ODB 299: Houssam Gania ‘Mosawi Swiri’ (DV)


ODB 298: Little Albert ‘Why’, Living Hour ‘Softer Faces’, Amanita ‘Sol y Sombra’, Storm Lite ‘Warning’  (BS)

ODB 297: Dub Colossus ‘Dr. Strangedub’  (DV)

R&V: Hip-Hop Revue: Andy Cooper, Brothers Of The Stone, Ill Move Sporadic & Joey Menza, Bailey’s Brown, MysDiggi, Black Josh, Yugen Blakrok  (MO)

ODB 296: The Telescopes ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’, Kungens Man ‘Chef’, The Paris Street Rebels ‘I Don’t Want To Die Young’  (BS)

TOF 071: Cosey Fanni Tutti ‘TUTTI’, Station 17 ‘Ausblick’ & ‘Werkschau’, White Fence ‘I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk’, Flibbertigibbet ‘Whistling Jigs To The Moon’, JODI ‘My Espontaneo’, Deep Cut ‘Different Planet’, Garrett N. ‘Let’s Get Surreal’, Twink ‘Brand New Morning/Dream Turn Into Rainbows’, Clovvder ‘Traits’  (DV)

ODB 295: Ustad Saami ‘God Is Not A Terrorist’  (DV)

ODB 294: La Rappresentante di Lista ‘Go Go Diva’  (GM)

ODB 293: Eerie Wanda ‘Pet Town’, Cleaning Women ‘Intersubjectivity’  (BS)

ODB 292: Deerhunter ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’  (DV)

ODB 291: Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba ‘Miri’  (DV)

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