Self-explanatory really, you can find all of the various posts from the year (2019) below.

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Kalporz Exchange 002: Mini Dresses Interview (GM)

ODB 314: Labelle ‘Orchestre Univers’ (AK)

ODB 315: Per W/Pawlowski ‘Outsider/Insider’ (DV)

ODB 316: Black Flower ‘Future Flora’ (DV)

ODB 317: Wand ‘Laughing Matter’, Charly Bliss ‘Young Enough’, Shit Creek ‘Prozac Rainbow’, She Keeps Bees ‘Kinship’, Outside The Glitch ‘ST’, Julinko ‘Nektar’ (BS)

ODB 318: Ty Segall ‘Deforming Lobes’ (GM)

ODB 319: Larry “Ratso” Sloman ‘Stubborn Heart’ (DV)

ODB 320: Toby Marks & Andrew Heath ‘Motion’ (AK)

Preview: A Rumor In Uskudar: Part 2: Back For Good (AS)

ODB 321: Susana Estrada ‘Amor y Libertad’, Mcphee ‘ST’, Thomas Hamilton ‘Pieces For Kohn’, Toxic Chicken ‘Fun’, Xqui ‘Settlers EP’, Gang Of Four ‘Happy Now’ (BS)

ODB 322: Altin Gun ‘Gece’ (DV)



ODB 306: Ifriqiyya Electrique ‘Laylet el Booree’ (DV)

Kalporz Exchange 001: Stella Donnelly Interview (GM)

ODB 307: Royal Trux ‘White Stuff’ (GM)

ODB 308: Beauty Stab ‘O Edan’ (BS)

TOF 073: Mekons ‘Deserted’, Mandrake Paddle Steamer ‘Pandemonium Shadow Show’, Hasting’s Street Opera ‘Slippery When Wet’, Willie Gibson ‘Saint-Ex’, Rocket Girl 20th, £9 Clocks ‘Next Dimension Transfer’, Olcay Bayir ‘Ruya’, Blue House ‘Gobstopper’, Ben Osborn ‘Letters From The Borders’ (DV)

ODB 309: Escupementralla ‘Fe, Esperanza Y Caridad’ (AK)

Preview: A Rumor In Uskudar Serialised (AS)

R&V March: The Kingdom, SOL Development, Illaman, Sadistik, Leaf Dog, Oh No (MO)

ODB 310: Interview: Beauty Stab (BS)

ODB 311: Swazi Gold ‘Jehovah’s Witness’, Louis Jucker ‘Krakeslottet’, Venus Fly Trap ‘Morphine’, Tempertwig ‘Fake Nostlogia’, Graham Domain ‘Cold Moon Harmonies’, Quiet Marauder & Mathias Kom ‘The crack And What It Meant’ (BS)

ODB 312: John Howard ‘Cut The Wire’ (DV)

Q2019 Playlist: Part One: Black Flower, Graham Domain, The KingDem, Czarface, Kel Assouf, Station 17, Royal Trux, 3 Banana & South (DV/MO)

ODB 313: Vukovar ‘Cremator’ (DV)


Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #XXXV: Monolith Cocktail Social #XXXV: Roger Bunn, Yasuaki Shimizu, Don Muro, Black Savage…Roger Bunn, The Goats, Yasuaki Shimizu, J. Jasmine, Don Muro, Black Savage (DV)

ODB 305: Our Daily Bread 305: Whispering Sons, So Beast, Coldharbourstores, The Proper OrnamentsThe Proper Ornaments ‘Six Lenins’, Coldharbourstores ‘Vesta’, So Beast ‘Fit Unformal’, Whispering Sons ‘Image’ (BS)

R&V: FEB: Czarface vs Ghostface Killah, Pitch 92, Bronx Slang, Joker Starr (MO)

ODB 304: Alessio Bondi ‘Niruvu’ (DV)

TOF 072: Gunter Schickert ‘Nachtfalter’, Santiago Cordaba ‘En Otros Lugares’, Katie Doherty ‘And Then’, Heyme ‘Noise From The Attic’, White Hidden Noise ‘Beside The Sea’, Rodopi Ensemble ‘Thraki-Thrace’, Abdesselem Damoussi & Nour Eddine ‘JEDBA’, Tri Nguyen ‘The Art Of’, 3 South And Banana ‘Rooftop Trees’, Julia Meijer ‘Train Ticket’, Society Of The Silver Cross ‘When You’re Gone’ (DV)

ODB 303: Beirut ‘Gallipoli’ (GM)

ODB 302: Tim Linghaus ‘About B.’ (ACK)

ODB 301: Delicate Steve ‘Till I Burn Up’, Mozes And The First Born ‘Dadcore’, Bibi Den ‘Sensible’, Sir Robert Orange Peel ‘Turn That Bloody Racket Down’ (BS)

ODB 300: Kel Assouf ‘Black Tenere’ (DV)

ODB 299: Houssam Gania ‘Mosawi Swiri’ (DV)


ODB 298: Little Albert ‘Why’, Living Hour ‘Softer Faces’, Amanita ‘Sol y Sombra’, Storm Lite ‘Warning’  (BS)

ODB 297: Dub Colossus ‘Dr. Strangedub’  (DV)

R&V: Hip-Hop Revue: Andy Cooper, Brothers Of The Stone, Ill Move Sporadic & Joey Menza, Bailey’s Brown, MysDiggi, Black Josh, Yugen Blakrok  (MO)

ODB 296: The Telescopes ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’, Kungens Man ‘Chef’, The Paris Street Rebels ‘I Don’t Want To Die Young’  (BS)

TOF 071: Cosey Fanni Tutti ‘TUTTI’, Station 17 ‘Ausblick’ & ‘Werkschau’, White Fence ‘I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk’, Flibbertigibbet ‘Whistling Jigs To The Moon’, JODI ‘My Espontaneo’, Deep Cut ‘Different Planet’, Garrett N. ‘Let’s Get Surreal’, Twink ‘Brand New Morning/Dream Turn Into Rainbows’, Clovvder ‘Traits’  (DV)

ODB 295: Ustad Saami ‘God Is Not A Terrorist’  (DV)

ODB 294: La Rappresentante di Lista ‘Go Go Diva’  (GM)

ODB 293: Eerie Wanda ‘Pet Town’, Cleaning Women ‘Intersubjectivity’  (BS)

ODB 292: Deerhunter ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’  (DV)

ODB 291: Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba ‘Miri’  (DV)

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