‘Split EP’

Audio Antihero

October 2011


Track List:-

1. Wojtek The Bear – Flying Kites  (3:13)

2. FR.  – Flying Kites (4:14)

3. Cat Is Egg – Flying Kites  (3:22)

4. Conquers – Flying Kites  (3:50)

5. Exciting Times – Broken Shoulder  (5:19)

6. Organomegaly – Broken Shoulder (6:22)

7. Shark Island – Broken Shoulder (8:34)

Laconically probing and “waltzing” through an instrumental post-rock and progressive jazz prospectus; North London quartet Flying Kites and their founder Neil Debnam’s solo alter-ego, Broken Shoulder, showcase polar opposites of ambient peregrination on this forthcoming ‘Split’ EP.

With only the most minimal of releases behind them (two self-released EP’s since their formation in 2009) Flying Kites avail themselves of four multilayer guitar led minor scores, which stray from the traditional light and shade, lifts and descents, of rock music. Instead they opt for a continual changing soundtrack of exiguous melodic shifts and empirical picked-out motifs that display the group’s penchant for Sonic Youth and Mogwai.  Despite the mood varying between prog-rock tripping romanticism (‘FR’), Pavement-esque theme tunes (‘Wojtek The Bear’), and quasi-Afro beat meandering shuffles (‘Conquers’), they always maintain an air of persistent live jamming, and spontaneity.

Kite’s imitator, Neil Debnam chooses to investigate a more twilight hour abstract pathway.  An unfortunate – or rather fortunate, depending on your musical taste – accident saw Debnam break his shoulder: hence his solo moniker.  Unable to perform on stage, he took to experimenting in his studio; creating all manner of dirge-tastic and desolate “Lo-fi electronica” soundscapes.  Following on from his March debut, ‘Broken Shoulderrr’, the ominous alchemist waves under our noses another challenging array of stalking, fracturing, flitting and unworldly moods.  Hinting at early Cluster and drifting through the recesses of Popol Vuh, the trio of Mellotron and synth heavy sounding compositions threaten to break out of the solar fog: the final ‘Shark Island’ track betrays signs of relief as a suffused tambourine and pulchritude melodic sweep lightens the murky aura.

An EP of two, decidedly contrasting, half’s; ‘Split’ shines a light on the obscured post-post-rock, and “guttural rumblings” doom of both Flying Kites and Broken Shoulder, as undisturbed and isolated, they serenely evoke the sounds of an underground 90s scene and drag it into the present.

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