Gazelle Twin


(Something Nothing Records)

Released – 8/11/2010

Brighton siren Elizabeth Walling, stews in her own brooding broth of vaporous evanescent and 80s dry-ice atmospherics, on her latest misty tome, ‘Changelings’.

Appearing under the moniker of the Gazelle Twin, this aloof and mysterious apparitional performer links together a congruous mix of choral music, sci-fi, the Loplop alter-ego humanistic/bird character of Surrealist artist Max Ernst, and empirical 80s New Romanticism, to create an ambitious, but not overblown, evocative stage show.

‘Changelings’ adopts an opaque soundtrack of old electronic synths and dark fragile existential lyrics, cooed over a foreboding whispery fog – imagine School Of Seven Bells deconstructing a morose grieving Eurhythmics.

The added Enormous Shadow remix of the same track, extrudes zappy laser effects and Japan-esque pained release, but barely adds anything to the original.

Also featured on the single is a cover of Prince’s, all too brief, ‘I Wonder U’, from his much under-rated Parade LP. Walling’s own rendition proves to be just as alluring and translucent; the only difference being the amplified gargling vocals and ramped-up ghostliness of the backing.

The debut album The Entire City – named after one of Max Ernst’s better-known works – promises to beguile and enrapture the listener in an amorphous web of haunting conceptual melodrama.

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