Love Amongst Ruin



‘So Sad (Fade)’

(Ancient B Records/ Universal)

release date – 30/08/2010


Mark Beaumont’s featured press release bio of Love Amongst the Ruins instigator Steve Hewitt, kind of does my job for me.

In describing the sound of the former Placebo drummer, and co-author on their songs, he manages to name-check every conceivable influence possible on Hewitt’s new sound; all done with a certain flair and panache I might add.

From, “…the crunch of a stone age queen, the crossover appeal of a parkful of linkins and the melodicism of the hardiest fighter of foos”, to dropping in the likes of Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure and even, to my scornful disproval, CAN.


Apart from the mention of the last band, he pretty much nails it, though you could easily add to the equation Nine Inch Nails.


Hewitt left Placebo only a few years back (I wasn’t even aware they were still going), though he’s played in a few other worthy groups over the years and immersed himself in the studio, releasing a solo effort before ploughing all his resources into this latest get-up.


So Sad (Fade)’ is the preceding single from the self-titled album, which was brought out on the 13th of September.

Quite a rollicking foreboding number, it begins with grimy and fuzzed up guitars and low vocals before breaking out into a more pop orientated and catchy chorus, yet it still maintains its edginess.

That ‘so-called’ alluded to motorik beat is sort of in evidence, with a constant pounding bass-drum and tom, that’s sounds like a builder repeatedly banging a nail into a wooden pallet, keeping the song moving along at a drilling pace.

Vocals glide between almost sulky Hole-esque carefree attitudes to a higher more emotive strain, proving Hewitt isn’t all dark and morass and that he has a good ear for a tune.


I’d have to admit that this kind of Gothic commercial rock does absolutely nothing for me, yet I will have to remark that its slowly growing on me, much to my dismay.


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