‘Connect’ EP

Connect cover.


DownloadTrack List –

1. Peacock Teardrop    (3:15)

2. Cosmos Dust    (4:14)

3. Your Stupid Plan    (3:56)

4. Uptown Connection    (3:15)

5. Settle     (4:15)

All written and performed by Rob Gibson, recorded at Monkseaton Studios.

Residing in the far from inspiring sounding English town of Whitley Bay, local electronic pop advocate Rob Gibson, assiduously works away at creating warm succinct songs. His minor tomes are plucked from the wearing your heart on your sleeve school of song writing, played out to small town themes that feature local characters.

Under his Mister Fusty pseudonym, Gibson has already released three albums and a solely instrumental EP, this latest 5-track collection is his first recording in nearly a year.

Success has so far evaded our Misty Fusty, who readily admits to being lazy when it comes to self-promotion.

In fact this particular EP is far from being another selfish showcase release, instead its timely release is tied to generating funds for both Cancer Research UK – Gibson’s wife is hoping to gather together enough sponsorship so she can run in the annual Race for Life event – and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Both worthy causes you would agree.

‘Connect’ strongly resonates with the influences of both The High Llamas and at times a less then challenging envisaged version of The Beatles, with moments of a serene version Air and kooky indie band Stained Glass Heroes.

Opening song ‘Peacock Teardrop’ begins with some almost Brit-pop vibe Lightning Seeds guitar stains, all sparkly and delicately strummed to perfection. A welcoming melodic shift and Expo evocative lush xylophone taps, add some pleasing resonance, as Gibson cocks a snoot at some self-styled strutting idiotic local about town, who must have upset him enough to pen this diatribe in his honour.

Hammond and Fender Rhodes translucent sounds provide some Wilson-esque moments on ‘Cosmos Dust’ and the instrumental affair ‘Uptown Connection’. The first of these tracks ambles along in a pastoral and reassuring jaunty manner until a low cost assemblage of electronic debris tumbles down onto the unsuspecting listener, throwing us off course rather pleasantly.

Diaphanous sweeping waves of effects take over and create the most atmospherically emotional swirl of enchantment yet on this EP.

Closing song ‘Settle’ begins with a searching choral intro, before letting loose with some trip-hop loaded drum loops and more of that affectionate Hammond traversing accompaniment.

Gibson’s vocals are put through some subtle distortion, whilst crunching white noise like inducing percussion clashes away, adding some almost intense backing to his with-strained rant at those people who, apparently, keep barracking him to settle down and fit in with convention, though as I’ve already mentioned he is married and I would assume lives with his wife.

Maybe it’s a posthumous penned ditty from before he took on these new responsibilities.

This well-intentioned collection of tracks is maybe a little too fey and pop orientated for my own tastes, never quite matching the similar influenced ambitions of say John Lane’s Expo or The Man From Another Place. Redolent in parts to groups like I, Monster and Sterolab, ‘Connect’ is a much more restrained version of both, taking only the more commercialised elements of each, never quite taking a risk or jump into the unknown.

Still Gibson has some good ideas, and can certainly produce cinematic promising motifs, which is kind of handy as he would like to be considered for soundtrack work – one rather unfavourable critic mockingly suggested his music fitted in perfectly with the kind of slacker nonchalant fodder found on the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

If you’re in the mood for giving then you can buy a copy of his reasonably low priced EP (click on the image above) on his dedicated blog site.

Here’s to Mister Fusty reaching that donations target.


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