‘The Naked Truth’ 1975


Re-released by Jazzman Records 2012


Download/ Vinyl/ CD


1. Electric Flower  (4:47)

2. Nana’s Sleeping  (3:55)

3. Peanut Butter Ice Crean Man  (3:59)

4. Planet Funk  (2:46)

5. Paper Man  (4:03)

6. Winter Butterfly (5:41)

7. Casa Del Soul  (3:42)

8. Ancient Astronauts  (3:05)

9. Grunt Uh-Uh-Uh  (4:24)

10. Evolove  (3:09)

Jazzman Records apodictic, erudite series of ‘Holy Grail’ spiritual jazz re-issues never fail to prove enlightening, soulful and adroit. Covering a spectrum of styles, heritage and themes, Jazzman manage to unearth rare, forgotten gems which all have a visceral, quasi-venerable like appeal.

Owen Marshall‘s ‘Naked Truth’ would at first seem detached, or outside, this theme, but listen closely and you’ll find touches of that simmering “spiritualness” throughout this exotic voyage to the outer limits.

Under the playful alter-ego of Captain Puff, Marshall strays close to the bizzare “black-psych” postulations of George Clinton and Bootsy Collins; and hints at the strange-brew abstract experimentation of Ornette Coleman.  The odd bubbling chorus of primodial soup and efflux vapoured wafts of purring vibration sounds permeates across the cosmic horizons; sounds that were produced  by Marshall’s fun collection of home-made instruments. These shunted-together ‘play-things’ include the ‘hose-a-phone’, ‘tube-phone’, ‘ply-tar’ and ‘Boonet’ whose effects vary from futuristic escapism to tomfoolery.

From the very first esoteric stirrings of the opening Captains echoing “Welcome-come-come aboard” introduction on the Don Cherry-esque ‘Electric Flower’, to the solar-wind howling, atavistic machinery calculating ‘Ancient Astronauts’, our man from the furthest dimensions send us on a planetary voyage. Yet there is much on this album that steers away from the starry allusions, concentrating on terra firma instead. These grounded excursions include the steel-drum, duck-walk bass calypso of ‘Paper Moon’; the ‘orgasmic’ skin-flick pastiche of ‘Evolove’; and the Amazonian samba hoots of ‘Casa Del Soul’.

Marshall’s backing-track meanders, moving between silky succulent grooves; loose breakbeats; and a lifting twinkling suite of pining flute, wailing saxophone and cascading electric piano. Brilliantly played and jammed-out, these efforts have a pleasing deep, live-feel, which fluctuates and weaves through the dreamy, emotive and funky’ and is nothing but creative.

As usual the full attentive treatment is given to The Naked Truth by Jazzman, with exstensive linear notes (assisted by the Marshall family itself) and a bonus single, which comes free inside the numbered vinyl versions. Another worthy edition to the collection from the jazz aficionados of taste.

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