FFS - Playlist

The “choice” tracks that tickled our aural delights over the last few months gathered together now for your pleasure. Prepare yourselves for the most eclectic of selections, from the rock steady  Spector pop protestations of  U.S. Girls‘Damn That Valley’  to the waltzing majesty of  The Greg Foat Group’s Michael Moorcock inspired time-continuum surfing jazz odyssey,  ‘The Dancers At The End Of Time’.

That selection in full:

U.S. Girls  ‘Damn That Valley’

FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)  ‘Police Encounters’

Alabama Shakes ‘The Greatest’

Many Things  ‘Holy Fire’

Flies + Flies  ‘Later On’

Heartless Bastards ‘Wind Up Bird’

Tyler, The Creator  ‘PILOT’

Oddisee  ‘Belong To The World’

Cameo  ‘Polyphony’

The Greg Foat Group  ‘The Dancers At The End Of Time’

John DeRosa  ‘You’re Still Haunting Me’

Papernut Cambridge  ‘Rockers Delight’

Jacco Gardner  ‘Find Yourself’

C. Duncan  ‘Here To There’

Frog  ‘Judy Garland’

Dog, Paper, Submarine  ‘Ms. Moonlet’

William D.Drake  ‘Distant Buzzing’

Extradition Order  ‘I Love An Eyesore (LBJ ’60)’

Pale Honey  ‘Fish’

Falling Stacks  ‘Pool Party’

Thomas Truax/Brian Viglione  ‘I Got To Know’

Technicolor Hearts  ‘Who You Are’

The Grus  ‘To Be A Child’

Creature With The Atom Brain  ‘Night Of The Hunter (Part 1)’

Psycho & Plastic  ‘Day’

Die Wilde Jagd    ‘Wah Wah Wallenstein’

Xaos  ‘Free Fall’

Kobadelta   ‘Open Visions’

Prince Vaseline  ‘Radio On’

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