Grumbling Fur - Monolith Cocktail

A choice survey of tracks from the last three months. Some we’ve covered, others we’ve heard.

Part III is, as always, a polygenesis spread, starting with a primal barrage of Dub, Dancehall and clattering beats from Kalbata and the Mixmonster, and ending on a expansive drone opus from Earth.

That track list in full, with links to the artists we’ve featured.

Kalbata & Mixmonster  ‘Congo Beat The Drum’ 

Sean Kuti & Egypt 80  ‘IMF’

The Green Seed   ‘Jude Law’

Nehruviandoom  ‘Om’

Henri-Pierre Noel   ‘Funky Spider Dance’

Eno + Hyde  ‘DBF’

Madlib  ‘Licorice  (The Beginning)’

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib  ‘Broken (Feat. Scarface)’

Fofoulah  ‘Don’t Let Your Mind Unravel, Safe Travels (Feat. Ghostpoet)’

Robert Plant  ‘Little Maggie’

Little Scout  ‘March Over To Me’

Chain and  The Gang  ‘Never Been Properly Loved’

The Boredellos  The Gospel According To Julian Cope’

Total Control   ‘Expensive Dogs’

A Victim Of Society  ‘Enough Said’

Souleance  ‘Dum Dum’

Gut und Irmler  ‘Parfum’

Cabaret Voltaire  ‘Animation’

John MOuse  ‘That’s Just The Way Our Love Is’

Anna Calvi   ‘Strange Weather’

Fractions  ‘Breathe’

The New Pornographers  ‘Brill Bruisers’

The Van Allen Belt  ‘Rain’

Opal Onyx  ‘Black and Crimson’

Grumbling Fur  ‘Secrets Of The Earth’

Land Observations  ‘The Brenner Pass’

Earth  ‘From The Zodiacal Light (Feat. Rabia Shaheen Qazi)’


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