‘High’ EP



2 Versions: Version reviewed is the Bandcamp version, which contains two extra remixes

Track List:-

1. High  (3:43)

2. It Takes Me  (3:14)

3. They Don’t Want To Let You Know  (2:47)

4. It Takes Me [MMOTHS Remix]  (4:170

5. High [Jewellers Remix]  (5:14)

6. They Don’t Want To Let You Know [Sumsun Remix]  (6:13)

It’s a strange dream-like orbit of influence that imbues the music of Victor Ferreira.  Using the empirical appellation, Sun Glitters, languorous Luxembourg remixer and electronic music composer, Ferreira takes shoegazing into the stratosphere.

His latest EP ‘High’, is a magnatic pulsing buzz-seeped efflux of ebbing loops that ponder, and mechanically swim over abstract beats, and, vapourish atmospherics. Each of these three unfixed compositions gravitate around a coalesce reverberated blueprint.

Titular ‘High’ sets off our traversing journey on a slow-burning repeatative cruise over a scattered landscape of pitch-shifted faux-arias, and Moby-esque chipmunk sounding gospel vocal samples – these are used throughout the triad of original tracks – as a ghostly piano lays down a attenuate three-note motif. ‘It Takes Me’cuts-up the trance soundtrack with probing sound bleeds and, those, shoegaze alluded waves of ethereal ooze; carried over to the final track, ‘They Don’t Want To Let You Know’, which also stupours in a well of emotional lilting, and drifting percussion, courtersy of a drug-induced imaganitive Tibet.

Doubled-up by three accompanying harmonious remixes, ‘High’ sees the Jewellers, Sumsun and MMOTHS all set loose on Ferreira’s work.  MMOTHS pulls ‘It Takes Me’ through a similar soundscape to Flying Lotus and Slugabed, whereas Florida’s sound machine Sumsun adds an exotic-tinged backing of kitsch 80s drum pad percussive bliss to ‘They Don’t Want To Let You Know’. And as if ‘High’ couldn’t “get much higher”, the Jewellers send this floating chill-wave theme into the great blue-exspanse.

For the most part the Sun Glitters brand of soporific tones and waveforms is hypnotic, and, beguilling; an introduction to this emerging haze-electro scion and his craft.

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