Hundred Acre 2011



1. The Hushing

2. Scree/Talus

3. Gentlemen’s Walk

4. Mariamne’s Garden

5. Rest Harrow

6. Dog’s Mercury

7. Salt Water Bathing


Paul Newland – Instrumentation and vocals.

Tim Noble – Instrumentation.

Sam Christie – Drums.

Katie Woodward – Ukulele.

Surveying the versant coal face of an elegiac landscape, Paul Newland and Tim Noble court and woo their way through “derelict mines”, “mottled pug, feathered thorn”, “the old mountain road” and countless panoptic indulgent scenery.

Following on from, the much revered and championed, “psychogeographical” debut Under Cambrian Sky, this new concatenate volume continues to traverse a similar poignant enviroment.  Adit (an opening or passage into a mine) is essentially one indolent brooding suite, sectioned into demarcate chapters; which flow seamlessly between Scott Walker intense meloncholy and David Sylvian swooned plaintives, to sophisticated poised Talk Talk backing. 

Beginning the journey on, “the ancient mountain road, under copa hill”, the fragile Robert Wyatt-esque ‘The Hushing’, sets the tone; building towards a grandoise peak, overlooking a windswept view, before a dramatic lull and descent introduces the next Nordic/Welsh imbued musings.  For the most part, swelling melodies and inspired motifs mingle with an atmopsheric charged backdrop of sounds that swirl, flit, probe and seep into the palatial production.

The Lowland Hundred are an “hauntologist” British Sea Power without the hooks: their latest oeuvre an empirical intricate poem to the duos own, cherished, backyard.



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