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Untethered to the rules of music criticism, with a enviable poetic licence, our “woman in Istanbul” Ayfer Simms waxes lyrical as she climbs inside FaceOmeter‘s quizzical folk-hop flight of fantasy songbook, Why Wait For Failure?.


FaceOmeter   ‘Why Wait For Failure?’    Originally released 2nd November 2014.


‘FaceOmeter-The pirate of the cemented city.’


Its as if a mad pirate was hawking about the UK and the rest of the world on a flying ghost ship and was, with a vigorous voice and a spyglass, looming on the busy, hectic, somber towns of the 21st century, making fun of it all, weaving themes of the mortal below as if he’d put himself in the life of those down there. Storyteller? Yes, with flippancy, passion, ideas and jolting guitar strings, accompanied by a bunch of brethren supporting and following him on the waves of his tales, with vocals that lifts him and us into a state of humorous giddiness.

But the melodies have a romantic edge too, the 60s, the 70s, wordy loon rockers, with a voice, yes hoarse at times, yet boyish all the same, a sentimentally soothing chant. Youth emanates, the pirate is bourgeoning and ambitious, fun loving and dreads boredom but he also, at times walks on the side of a path with a guitar bound to his melancholic self. Tracks like ‘Summerhouse’, with its poignant rhythm cast the fun aside and relates of felt “pressure and stress”.

His lyrics often emanate from mundane moments of life: On a train platform, on the motorway, observing you and me before going to work, to bed, out, and snubbing it with energetic poetic vows thrown in the air for us to catch.

“Sailing, sailing, sailing” is a perfect example of the quirkiness of the album, as he shouts like a deliberately coo-coo voice and old fashioned accent rolling his “r” so as to ship us off straight to another century, guitar taping and chorus of the sailors, we sail in an atmosphere of crocked seas and theatrical polyester waves. ‘Unwillingness To Dance’ encompasses both the atmosphere of campfire camaraderie, the sensibility and the heart breaking movement of the tunes.

Won’t you like to sit in a room full of costumes and live an adventure on a wooden floor that cracks under the heavy assertive witty steps of the heroes?

Will Tattersdill, is a modern adventurer, a performer, a jolly good spirit, and he will have you set up camp in the middle of a city made of cement and enjoy the every day’s little unnoticeable details and perhaps sometimes make you cry a little too.

Raw emotions, we are Sailing, sailing, sailing!”



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