Lukas Creswell-Rost

As intimate as it gets, we premiere a stripped-down set, in what looks to all intents and purposes like someones living room/office, from Monolith Cocktail favourite Lukas Creswell-Rost. Performing his live songbook before the release of his rapturously received Go Dreams LP in 2014 – which made our ‘choice’ albums of the year revue – in sedate surroundings, his only buffer between the audience and himself an over-zealous smoke machine,it has taken a while for the troubadour’s most adroit set to finally surface. Filmed by Bruno Derksen in 2013, the infra-red mixed with hazy filtered videoed performance is a cosy stripped-back tentative version of the original’s Rolling Stone, Creem and The Village Voice tuned-in 70s and 80s melodically rich and subtle balladry. Enjoy.

Full Review can be found here…

‘A loosely themed road map of misanthropic tragedy, Creswell-Rost cruises Rocks back pages to produce one of the most melodically sonorous albums of 2014. A Pacific Ocean Blues that continued into the 80s, this ambitious songbook soundtracks the misadventures of such egotistical miscreant rock stars as Yngwie Malmsteen, and charts the sad demise of 70s fallen balladeers Bad Finger, to a Steely Dan, Young Americans, Wings imbued backing. One of the sorely under-rated, if undiscovered, majestical albums of the year.’

Words: Dominic Valvona 

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