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Thomas Truax   ‘Jetstream Sunset’   Released 6th April 2015

Truax was a teenage post punk, according to track two here. Doesn’t sound too surprising, as the proto New York slacker’s DIY aesthetic continues to hang light heavy over Jetsream Sunset. A veteran of the early 90s coffee shop ‘scene’, Truax holds all the cooler than thou references you need. Beck insouciance? Check. Steve Malkmus absurdity? Check. Guided by Voices sense of determination? Check. Julian Casablancas address book? Possibly not, or more people would have heard of the truth to materials obsessed Truax by now. Or maybe he’s avoiding that, who knows.

Truax has a tendency to make his own instruments out of baked bean tins, washing up liquid bottles and bits of string, and then tour the world with them. He started this approach way back in order to differentiate himself from the sea of other sensitive singer songwriters in NY at the time, and this idiosyncrasy has served him well, in critical if not commercial terms. Jetstream…has many stirring, lo fi, moving moments on it, particularly in Driving In The Dark and Shine Brightly As You Can. His inclusion of the slightly retitled standard You Are My Sunshine is gratingly tiresome though.

Stubborn, idealistic troubadours of Thomas Truax’s calibre are not exactly in short supply right now, but his longevity and tenacity can’t help but be affirming. Past that, Jetstream Sunset is a perfectly gritty, sunny, soulful, down-home way to while away 45 minutes or so.

Words: Sean Bw Parker

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