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Ayfer Simms‘ lends her customary flowery poetic critique to the new solo project from Postcode guitarist Kieran Bell.

Skyline Advantage   ‘The Songs Of Stuff EP’   (Small Bear Records)

The Songs About Stuff EP is an energetic alternative rock ballad trip to the sultry world of Kieran Ball, who with his fond guitar bestows a familiar indie glow upon us. The 4 track EP opens ajar the door of a quiet and simple dwelling: Letting us catch a glimpse of the intimacy of a frail young spirit armed with hope and fidelity: “I want to be the one that comforts you when you have a bad day”.

With these earnest lyrics and a melodic delicate voice, Kieran extends a welcoming humble arm, like a newly blessed knight: a modern hero with disheveled posture and soft gaze: a romantic younglings perhaps.

The cords of the guitar are fierce and bring speed to the music, Kieran’s voice tones it down, the drums push it forward, and Kieran sings, to create a gentle “laissez-aller” in our steps.

There’s enough gentleness in the melodies to feel rocked, while guitar riffs surges though the tracks. He is encouraging: “You’re not the only one scared, don’t give up now”, yet Kieran is not a father figure, rather the progeny attempting to uplift the heart of his peers. He appears like the young dragon slayer, his guitar, a gilded instrument for crusades: Kieran is at the beginning of the journey, and the armor is covered with yet untarnished shiny scales; He is leading the way to a joyously moody walk under a semi cloudy land of green pastures, the dulcet sound of his voice rings…this is only the start off, it is grunge and it is good you see. The romantic slayer will soon become a roaring indie star.

Words:  Ayfer Simms


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