Landside - Landside Part 1 - Artwork Cover

Landside   ‘Landside Part 1’
EP released 28th August 2015

Imbued and informed by the colossal awe-inspired landscape of Iceland, Denmark and the Nordic regions, the new collaboration between Milan’s Hunter/Game duo and the Icelandic band Kúra soundtracks the contours, crevices and snow-capped peaks with a palatial suite of cerebral techno. Spanning two EPs (part one released on 28th August, with part two following on the 11th September), the Landside project will be debuted on Hunter/Game’s latest label venture, Just This.

Featuring two original tracks and two remixes; EP one lays down the groundwork and promises something epic. Evoking its opening titles, ‘Silence Before The Storm’ lends gravitas to a deep techno interplay of glacier shifting beats, echoed lush stirring vocals from Fanny Osk and rolling synth textures that mirror the trepidation of a incoming natural phenomenon. A remix of the original by Benjamin Damage takes it into the world of Basic Channel, with rotor bladed chopping and hi hat clapping percussion, and sharp four to the floor techno timing. ‘Still There’ has a more deeply soulful, two-step feel, with woozy, Morse coded staggered resonating vocals from Osk and a reverberating low bass line. Max Cooper’s remix keeps most of the elements but carries the original off into beautifully lit flights of fantasy with a transient trance like revision.

Intelligently crafted to imitate the sweeping vistas, Landside takes the listener on a techno panoptic voyage.

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