13 Bags of Dick - Monolith Cocktail

13 Bags Of Dick   ‘Volume 11’

When not flipping the finger with his low-rent video nasties, Luke Meneok, under various guises, releases a torrid of heavy mental and death gripped doom under both his alter ego Schmoog Lebowski and the Charlemagne whipping alter boy occultist Swords of Texas. But it is his phallic swung swaggering collaborative effort 13 Bags Of Dick that rears it’s ugly “head” on the Monolith Cocktail today.

Featured way, way back, when the internet was on dial-up, the metal-rap-doom-deranged-kosmiche miscreants last volume was a demented daemonic trip. This time around, alongside his silent dick bag partners, Luke is joined by Astral Witch’s (and far too many other bands of mischief to mention) Baby Tokes on twisted guitar fuckery duties for the closing laser quest on Mars ‘Dead Baby Bounce’, and Mitch Robinson of Flashing Amber, providing lunar bending cosmic synth, on the ‘Spacejam Invasion USA’ soundtrack.

Preposterous as always. But entertaining none the less. Volume 11 in this series of kooky nonsensical outbursts reshapes metal, heavy drone rock, shoegaze, ambient soundscapes, hip hop, samples and Krautrock into an esoteric discourse of drudgery, malingering madness and Satanic mumbled half-cut narratives.

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