Words:  Ayfer Simms


PWR BTTM   ‘Ugly Cherries’   (Miscreant Records, Father/Daughter Records)

Pop and indie rock, quirky, colourful, flowery and warm obliging beds, PWR BTTM is well devoted to staying outside the circle of convention, and happily draw blurry lines, everywhere, as they step out in their now comfortable personalities: Gone by are the insecurities of their younger age, they embrace now, what could perhaps be the new sexy: Men devouring strong guitars riffs, hitting on giant drums, men in love, open, secure, and men wearing colours, blouses, emphasised lipsticks. Doing it with a tremendous amount of fun, they dissect relationships, old and new, even future love affairs. There’s a fair amount of bold chords, and ever so gentle and flirtatious vocals. The music is turbulent and buzzing.  These ugly cherries are trend setters, they energetically paint the portrait of the ghosts of old acquaintances: Pretty girl out dancing with pretty boys perhaps they had wanted or had and lost…Queer lust, frustrations. Love triangles, anarchy, and humour, daring, which makes the single fresh, spirited and upbeat.

There is a gender “dereglement des sens”, a nice message for the “Connecticut” type; our next step is to put our guts on the table and yes, dress it how we want: while queens’ dresses whole generations of brides, perhaps PWR BTTM will dress, you and me too.

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