Fruitful Earth


Sean Bw Parker finds unashamed fun,fun, fun with the 70s blossom tinged indie pop of the Fruitful Earth. 


The Fruitful Earth  ‘Rising Sun’  (Big Peach Records)  28th April 2014

Do you remember where you were when you first heard the Scissor Sisters? That unabashed, bold, barefaced plundering of boogie-woogie, glam and FM pop certainly put a smile on my face. I don’t know anything about The Fruitful Earth, and nor do I want to know – this album will be judged on its merits alone.

And the fact is, it’s a right laugh, with some genuinely beautiful moments thrown in. From the name of the band to the titles of the songs, the amusingly sweet smell of last chance naïve desperation lies heavily light over proceedings, glossed over with some rock n roll new age sentiments, all mixed in with a vague, overarching concern for the environment.

The track ‘Firebird’ is a genuine, beguilingly masterful piece of song writing, the very grand piano taking twinkling centre stage as it does on every track, the song’s dynamics twisting and turning this way and that. The whole thing is solid, jaunty, self-righteous, rootsy; the only track letting it down being the execrable, pointless muso-fest of ‘Shake’.

I have no problem with 70s rock radio plundering, so nor should you. It’s a lot more fun than Sigur Ros, Coldplay or Atoms For Peace, anyway. The Fruitful Earth’s own copycatting leads me to bring you a list of ‘soundalikes’ to tell you what it actually sounds like: ‘Rumours’-era Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Elton John, Steely Dan, and yes the Scissor Sisters. The Hipsters will either surely love or hate it; so they must be doing something right.


Sean Bw Parker


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