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To avoid accusations of nepotism on our part, we have searched far and wide for the right person to review our very inimitable critic, Sean Bw Parker, latest musical canon, the Complete Recordings. Step forward our guest contributor – and hopefully a future one too – Ayfer Simms, who waxes lyrically in her unique passionate way, extolling the virtues and fervour of Sean’s, Bosphorus new wave directed, lifetime compilation. Drawing in the highlights from his tenure abroad in the Turkish capital, the album features, the now disbanded, Scorpio Rising and his recent solo material.


Sean Bw Parker  ‘Complete Recordings: 2004 – 2014’  Available Now 

There is something melancholic about this music with its clamor of an instrumental rebellion just around the corner, a travel back in time, a theme forever alive, stories of you and me and, for me, a ride that transported me straight to my university years back in Paris, at the dawn of my own breaking free: I was standing at the entrance of concerts brandishing flyers to a crowd of hungry minds, heads were already banging, and carrying along some undefined hopes for the future. As soon as I pushed play, I was back there carrying myself in the dark concert hall of all my favorite bands, with the Sebadohs, the Fugazis, the less well known bands too, in my well familiar alternative rock years I had since then buried. And then the sound of Sean’s collected tunes played, and all the memories came flooding back. I travelled back to that state of mind, my moody happiness, the spring in Paris with the feeling of indestructible confidence, the lights, the lack of it even, the encounters, the happy loneliness of the sound, the energy of the music transplanted straight to the core, that never ending satisfaction of being wrapped by a music that shaped me and my “cool” friends, supported our dreams and our future. And yet the 90’s alternative rock was a sort of hangover from the 80s, a rejection of what we’ve been through as a society, the end of the permed hair and Connecticut shirts, the loosening up of styles and the big “fuck you” to everything. I woke up again to those long forgotten years, the spirit of the grunge years mingling with new interesting sounds, distorted tunes, oriental flashes, personal stories, political references, energy that burst in flames of being alive. It’s a frame of mind, it’s the impetuosity of the youth mingling with a ‘bukowskienne’ rebellious streak, it’s the mind that is about to be launched into the world, with all the magic of moments, good and bad, frustrating, interesting, sweet, acidic, everything remains hopeful and beautiful, even pain and deception, there is something in the air, that something is Sean’s music, all moments contained in one droplet of sound, we plunge in a Henry Miller book sang out loud to the sound of an indie band, a voice that is a kind of Johnny clash at times, and pure and youthful at others, with a twisted music that takes us in different directions pulling our ears active and always alert.


Sean says, “There are no yesterdays, no future. Now please just try to smile, your fate is sealed”. Our fate is sealed in a minute of happiness, we are smiling and dancing and we surely still do have the music. Thank you for the trip Sean!

You can purchase your copy from here.

Sean has also recently turned his hand to producing, his first effort being former Scorpio Rising backing singer, Nazli Şensoy’s ‘Shades Of Grace’; an congruous, moody Parker written epithet that just keeps on giving.


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