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Performing for the very first time in Istanbul,  Neil Young and Crazy Horse‘s  inaugural visit to Turkey, fails to convince and impress our inimitable critic,  Sean Bw Parker.


As with the Pixies concert recently, I’m not sure if it’s the fault of the venue’s sound system, Neil Young’s crew, or the man himself; his sound sucked. Muffled, tired, lacklustre and decrepit – very much like many of Young’s eighties albums – the audience’s smatterings of applause were for nostalgia alone.

Neil Young is a bona fide song-writing genius, second to none in the rock canon. There were of course a handful of those tracks tonight – ‘Heart of Gold’, ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’, ‘Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World’ – but the Crazy Horse experience was so…disconnected as to make the whole expedition pointless.

A signature black trilby and gaggle of loyal septuagenarian musos surrounding you are not sufficient to carry this blatantly venal weight, sagging around your shoulders. Endless extended guitar solos over anonymous tracks, exploiting the same old chord changes will not convince anyone, however much they love the original songs: Assimilation by nostalgia.

The occasional light Istanbul rain and balming breeze at once carried the sound out of the arena, and reminded the obeisant audience of how transient Young’s legend can be. The singer and his Crazy Horse pals had some tight old fun together – the Turkish crowd, having spent a month’s pay to see him, watched.


Sean Bw Parker


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