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In her very own lyrically distinctive purview style,  Ayfer Simms explores the latest languorous, progressive psych suite from  Amos Piper.

Amos Piper  ‘Amos Piper’  Released 9th April 2014

In between chaotic moments, emotional upheavals, days of starvation, of struggles, wonder, overdose of happiness, daily mishaps and deeper introspective “mal d’être”, there is a moment of mellowing alternative reverie-like state that nothing can disturb.

Amos Piper is the man from earth who travelled through ages, has witnessed the metamorphoses of the lands, the vicissitudes of the hearts and all the human kind’s deeds for fourteen thousand years and has kept it all for himself, all through the dark years and the enlightened ones. He has been with the emerging human consciousness, with antique kings, as Buddha’s follower, in the skin of a Jesus without a moral intent, a Robespierre’s advisor thrown into the Bastille and rose alive. With sweat on the forehead and blood on the chest, he has met many loves, many deaths, walked many miles and gathered wisdom before landing on a high rise building in Baltimore to catch his breath: Amos Piper puts you there, making you gaze over the landscape of modern times, thinking no more of the exhausting yet fruitful surreal travels behind.

Amos Piper’s album is that moment of transition where the calm submerges all passion and the taming of the adrenaline becomes a new necessity for survival. There are many more centuriesto come and to conquer: The music has the slow dreaminess of a languish thought; the guitars reverberate along with inwardly tuned vocals which gently surf on the fringes of a shuddering cool rhythm. The music at times recalls Radiohead’s atmosphere without the irreparable deep sorrow, Kurt Cobain acoustic live performances without the ebullient sadness, and an atmosphere of its own that somehow gives you the feeling of being eternal.


The lyrics offer some insight on the inner thoughts that come flooding to the resting mind: “I know I should go now”, “Sometimes it feels like every day feels the same”. Because it isn’t ending here, while resting and feeling “cool” we are already thinking of the future: claiming independence without hurting anyone, finding a way out of the urban landscape of introspection without causing more pain to anyone.

One track, ‘Under The Red Moon’, takes the coolness to its distorted limits without breaking the peace; another makes your body quiver at the rolling enticing guitar with some remotely psychedelic notes.

The rhythm has this unavoidable haunting ambience: We are the heroes exhausted but conquering, lying for a minute on our back to watch the city’s bad clouds slid away, the abyss yet around the corner. This is the music of urban vampires, carrying the energy of eternal souls and all that goes with it: Melancholia and power, floating in a dream-like world with a ghostly electrifying presence.

Ayfer Simms


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