King Creosote From Scotland With Love


Latching on to the Commonwealth Games with any tenuous cultural or musical link we can, the Monolith Cocktail celebrates the host nation’s music scene with an appropriate play list of bands and artists we’ve either featured or alluded to on the blog. It’s also a good opportunity to bring attention to the recently released From Scotland With Love soundtrack, composed by Fife’s lo fi troubadour King Creosote, for the BBC 2 archive footage documentary of the same name, aired on June 22nd 2014. To coincide with the Games, this subtly attentive suite moves between touching ernest reflection and joy without resorting to saccharine and chest-beating romanticism.


From the Caledonian Moby-esque marriage of atavistic Scottish tradition and dance music, so beautifully craft by the revered, and sadly gone before his time, Martyn Bennett, to the beaten out of shape and jilted jazz fusion hardcore rock of the Super Adventure Club, we cover a myriad of musical styles and themes: without a self-aggrandized Rod Stewart in sight.


Martyn Bennet  ‘Move’

CHVRCHES  ‘Recover’

King Creosote  ‘For One night Only’

The Hazey Janes  ‘The Fathom Line’

Meursault  ‘Flittin”

The Scottish Enlightenment  ‘Little Sleep’

Josef K  ‘Sorry For Laughing’

Aztec Camera  ‘Oblivious’

Big Country  ‘In A Big Country’

Plastic Animals  ‘Floating’

Super Adventure Club  ‘Turns Out my Brain Was My Other Brain’

Zed Penguin  ‘Wandering’

Ivor Cutler  ‘Here’s A Health For Simon’

Edwyn Collins  ‘Losing Sleep’

The Associates  ‘Party Fears Two (Live @ The Pavilion, Glasgow)

Sparrow and the Workshop  ‘Avalanche Of Lust’

The Jesus and Mary Chain  ‘Darklands’

Cocteau Twins  ‘Peppermint Pig’

The Incredible String Band  ‘Bridge Theme’

Teenage Fanclub  ‘About You’

The Pastels  ‘Get ‘Round Town’

The Phantom Band  ‘The Wind That Cried World’


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