Nicholas Krgovich  'On Sunset'


Sean Bw Parker reviews song writer Nicholas Krgovich‘s dreamy homage to a more hazily recollected and now lost, Los Angles, On Sunset


Nicholas Krgovich  ‘On Sunset’  (Tin Angel Records)  17th October 2014.


This is a very strange record, a lot stranger than Krgovich probably thinks it is. Its definitive out-of-timeness, super un-coolness possibly makes it very cool indeed. We are in solid Prefab Sprout-meets-Hurts territory, the smell of Lynx deodorant and sight of Puma bags and trainers buzzing around the periphery of your mind’s eye.

After the brief orchestral blast of the title track, we enter the awkwardly great funk of ‘The Backlot’, all Prince-y, Steely Dan falsettos and disjointed drum machines straight outta 1982. The difference about Krgovich is that he absolutely means it – he is well beyond or blissfully unaware of irony. From Vancouver, heading south, it sounds like he really does now live on a Los Angeles rooftop, flicking his blond mane into the late summer evening, dreaming of some outdated big time.

But the song writing is truly ambitious, very hard to qualify, and potentially and often actually great. Krgovich is an old school idealistic dreamer, with a genuinely clear voice for those who like such things, containing ambiguously romantic, blue eyed soul lyrics. The emphasis on appropriately ‘tasteful’ sound production is what holds On Sunset back – a little more spontaneity, and maybe a bit of hard living for its author, may lead to even more bizarre work next time.


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