Postcode   ‘Zebratronic’   (Small Bear Records)  Available Now


Postcode are a bafflingly zebra-fixated garden-shed indie duo from the Isle of Man, bestowing upon us their third album, titled appropriately enough Zebratronic.

There is very little of the Savannah in their 1991, paisley-shirted, Doctor Martens and ink smelling sound though – the pair coming off all Sebadoh, Chapterhouse and Cocteau’s at their fuzziest.

Individual songs and lyrics are hard to decipher, penetrable by the keenest fan, the (apparently incomplete) band preferring a more hazy stew of distortion, dirty bar atmosphere and Suicide programmed beats to create their wired womb.

The vibe is indeed an ‘outdated’ pre-grunge Seattle-via-Cardiff one, but outdated is a very peculiar term these days, and the bloody minded resilience of determined, island-bound undergrounders in Gagaworld should always be encouraged.


Sean BW Parker


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