ODB 362: Pulled By Magnets ‘Rose Golden Doorway’  (DV)

Premiere: Video: Simon McCorry ‘The Nothing That Is’  (DV)

Interview: Joss Cope  (BB)

Perusal #004: Bob Destiny ‘Wang Dang’, Remington Super 60 ‘New EP’, John Howard ‘It’s Not All Over Yet’, Mazeppa ‘The Way In’, Elefant ‘Ultra Plus Ultra’, MAI MAI MAI ‘Il Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie’  (DV)

ODB 363: Martin Mansson Sjostrand Trio ‘Universum Faller’, Bruce Hendrickson ‘New Jerusalem’, The Saxophones ‘Eternity Bay’, C.S.E. Art Project ‘The Truths On The Telly’, November Bees ‘Claw An Father’, Picniclunch, Anytime Cowboy ‘S/T’  (BB)

Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: Photo Roll: Gig: Yussef Dayes  (Giorgio Lamonica)

Perusal #005: Graham Costello’s Strata ‘Cygnus’, Nordine Staifi ‘Zine Ezzinet’, The Band ‘Once Were Brothers’, Chassol ‘Rollarcoaster (pt.2)’, Van Pool ‘Bathing In The Open’  (DV)

TOF 082: Jimi Tenor ‘Ny, Hel, Barca’, Ani Glass ‘Mirores’, Slift ‘Ummon’, Singapore Police Background ‘Antiworlds’, Tony James Morton ‘Fragments’, Matao With Atilla Engin ‘Turkish Delight’, Vivienne Eastwood ‘Home Movies’, Rainbow Island ‘Illmatrix’  (DV)

ODB 364: Various ‘INTENTA: Experimental & Electronic Music From Switzerland 1981-1993’  (DV)

Premiere: Video: Postcards ‘Dead End’  (DV)

Perusal #006: A Journey Of Giraffes ‘Armenia’, Violet Nox ‘Future Fast’, Northwest ‘All Of A Sudden’, Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical ‘Cumbia Sin Nombre’  (DV)

ODB 365: U.S. Girls ‘Heavy Light’  (DV)

MC Monthly Playlist: Four Owls, November Bees, Dueling Experts, Chassol, Dream Parade, Alida King, Seu Jorge  (DV, BB, Matt Oliver)



Our Daily Bread 358: Lina_Raul Refree  ‘S/T’  (Dominic Valvona)

ODB 359: The Van Allen Belt  ‘Let It Goddam Be’  (DV)

Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #XLII: Mike Nesmith, David Bowie, Eula Cooper, Rosa Yemen, Kym Mazelle & Robert Howard, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley  (DV)

Kalporz X MC: [Scoutcloud] Brainstory  (Monica Mazzilo)

ODB 360: bigflower ‘Sound Of Silence’, Pintandwefall ‘Your Stories Baby’, Sunflowers ‘Endless Voyage’, Shadow Show ‘Silhouettes’, Bruce Hendrickson And The Blue Giant Zeta Poppies ‘Any Sunny Day’, Stovepipe ‘Born To Jive’, Floodlights ‘Backyard’  (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

ODB 361: Extradition Order ‘American Prometheus’  (DV)

Perusal #002: Dijf Sanders ‘Ravana’, Jonah Parzen-Johnson ‘Up’, Ani Glass ‘Mirores’, Kamilita ‘Broken Hearted Freak’, Betacrack ‘Unselected Ambient Works Vol.1’, Liz Davinci ‘Harvest Time’  (DV)

Tickling Our Fancy 081: Deutsche Ashram ‘Whisper Om’, Li Yilei ‘Unabled Form’, Jon Hasselll & Farafina ‘Flash Of The Spirit’, Sad Man ‘The King Of The Beasts’, Hallelujah! ‘Wanna Dance’, Seattle Stomp ‘Maudlin Madness’, The Epstein ‘Burn The Branches’, Mike Gale ‘B,C,D Sides Vol.1’ (DV)

Perusal #003: Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela ‘We’ve Landed’, JZ Replacement ‘Tubuka’, Verses Bang ‘The Eagle Has Landed’, Ippu Mitsui ‘Break Through 50 Watts’, Brona McVittie ‘The Green Man’  (DV)

Monthly Revue Playlist: Les Amazones d’Afrique, Hailu Mergia, Lee Scott, Leaf Dog, Kool Keith, Floodlights  (DV/BB)

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