Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist: Atmosphere, Hallelujah!, chicken Run Band, Kutiman, Ya Minko (Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

Our Daily Bread 414: Azmari, De Beren Gieren, Jeremy Bastard, Lunar Bird, Sad Man & Francis Lowe (DV)

Choice Albums of 2020: Part One: A to E: Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, Axel Holy, Bab L’ Bluz, Black Taffy, Coops, Bob Dylan, Kahil El’Zabar (DV/MO/BBS)

Choice Albums of 2020: Part Two: F to N: Holy Hive, Jon Hassell, Juga-Naut, The Koreatown Oddity, The Loved Drones (DV/MO/BBS)

Choice Albums of 2020: Part Three: O to Z: Phoenix Da Icefire, Tony Price, Qred, Santa Sprees, Sa-Roc, Tamikrest, Vukovar (DV/MO/BBS)

ODB 415: Storm The Palace, Up Against Down, Lisa Mychols & Super 8, bigflower, Rita Braga, Zen Baseball Bat, I Do Karate You Do Karate, Simon Waldram (BBS)

Ultimate 2020 Revue Playlist: Your Old Droog, Dream Parade, Chicago Underground Quartet, Les Freres Smith, Sonny Rollins, Geeker-Natsumi (DV)

Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: Twenty Albums From The Monolith Cocktail Team: Idris Ackamoor, Axel holy, Julian Cope, The Cult Of Free Love (DV/MO/BBS)


ODB 409: Vukovar (DV)

ODB 410: Bunny And The Invalid Singers, Two Tribes, Peter Cat, Subcult, The Left Outsides, Tina, The Loved Drones, Will Feral, The Dandy’s Boutique (BBS)

TOF 094: Mogollar, The Stance Brothers, Verses Bang, Julia Meijer ft, Fyfe Dangerfield, Star Feminine Band, Tender Tones, Augenwasser, Lucia Cadotsch, Corticem, Stella Sommer (DV)

Premiere: Sebastian Reynolds (DV)

Kalporz X MC: (Photo Gallery) Andrea Laszlo De Simone Live (Giorigia Lamonica)

ODB 412: Sturle Dagsland, Baits, Toxic Chicken, Helen McCockerybook and Rotifer, Allyson Seconds, The Legless Crabs, Trouble Traces (BBS)

Monolith Cocktail Social #51: Juan-Juan Zou, Jo Bisso, Ninni Forever Band, Disco Zombies, Da Youngstas, Lunar Dunes, Euclid (DV)

TOF 095: Hooshayer Khayam/Bamdad afshar, The Psychotic Monks, Alex Stolze, Furtherset, Geeker-Natsumi, Lorenzo Gomez Ovideo & Bardo Todol (DV)

ODB 413: Volcano Victims, Tori Amos, Jumbo, Mandrake Handshake, Gillian Stone, Sunstack Jones, The Salem Trials (BBS)

Premiere: (Track) Ancient Plastix (DV)


TOF 092: BaBa ZuLa, La Locurade Machuca: 1975 – 1980 Compilation, Chantel Van T, Giacomelli, Droneroom, Vision Eternal, Ian Clement, Daniel O’ Sullivan (DV)

ODB 402: Iklan, Juanita Stein, Marten Larka, The Cult Of Free Love, Le Couleur, Flavigula, Nick Frater (BBS)

ODB 403: Bastien Keb (DV)

Kalporz X MC: Tricky (Nicola Guerra)

ODB 404: Marshall Holland, Rob Clarke And The Wooltones, Lisa Mychols & Super 8, Goodparley, Prize Pig, Masayuki Sasano, Goat Girl, Sad Cowboy, Salem Trials (BBS)

ODB 405: Kahil El’ Zabar (DV)

Premiere: (EP) Cephas Teom (DV)

ODB 406: Lucidvox (DV)

MC Social 50th Playlist: Stone Circus, A.R. & The Machines, Anthony Moore, Virgin Sleep, Joni Mitchell, Big Joanie, Peter King (DV)

TOF 093: Escupemetralla/Roselie, Seb Reynolds, HighSchool, Andarta, Acquiles Navarro & Tchesar Holmes, epic45, A Journey Of Giraffes, Spacelab, Blang Records Scratchcard Compilation (DV)

ODB 407: The Loved Drones, Pixies, October Surprise, Johanna Burnheart, Netta Goldhirsch, The Dupont Circles (BBS)

ODB 408: Liraz (DV)

Halloween Special Playlist: Dead Moon, Mr. Hyde, Iron Claw, Eddy Detroit, Night Beats, Foetus, Gene Vincent (DV/BBS)

Monthly Playlist: Star Feminine Band, Doug Carn, Yazz Ahmed, Akrobatik, Wolfgang Von Vanderghost, Sa-Roc, Marco Colonna (DV/BBS/MO)


ODB 395: Brona McVittie ‘The Man In The Mountain’ (DV)

ODB 396: Ludwig Dreistern ‘Linda/New Oddity’, Loverground & BB Sway ‘About You’, Hiroki Tanaka ‘Inori’, Lou Terry ‘If I’m Me Who Are The Other Three’, James PM Phillips ‘Manikhana’, Lo Tom ‘LP2’, The Green Child ‘Low Desk: High Shelf’, Feral Wheel ‘The Dolphin Way’, Agent Bla ‘Frustrated’, Floodlights ‘From A View’ (BBS)

Special: Junkboy ‘Belo Horizonte’/Tropicalia Playlist’ (DV)

ODB 397: Various ‘Door To The Cosmos’ (DV)

Kalporz X MC: [Scoutcloud] Karate Boogaloo (Monica Mazzoli)

ODB 398: Ammar 808 ‘Global Control/Invisible Invasion’ (DV)

TOF 091: Pons ‘Intellect’, Mike Gale ‘The Star Spread Indefinite’, Schlammpeitzijer ‘Ein Wdtjeck In Der Echokammer’, Sheltered Workshop Singers ‘Who You Calling Slow?’, Esbe ‘Saqqara’, Maitri Orboreal Ceremony ‘Prismic Passageways’, Rustam Quliyev ‘Azerbaijani Gitara’, Maalam Mahmoud Gania ‘Aicha’ (DV)

ODB 399: Bruce Springsteen ‘Letter To You’, This Is The Kit ‘coming To Get You Nowhere’, Lizzy Young ‘Obvious’, Beauty Stab ‘S/T’, Deepfake Moneybomb ‘S/T’, The Amplifier Heads ‘Music For Abandoned Amusement Parks’, Salem Trials ‘Fear For Whatever Comes Next’, Nicky Williams ‘Pathetic Fuck’ (BBS)

Premiere (Video): Giacomelli ‘Best Of Both Possible Worlds II’ (DV)

ODB 400: Rupert Lally ‘Marine Life’ (DV)

MC Social Playlist XLIX: Kamuran Akkor, Gina X Performance, Pete Ives, Zoot, Awate… (DV)

ODB 401: Ustad Sammi ‘Pakistan Is For The Peaceful’ (DV)

Monthly Playlist: Songhoy Blues, Leron Thomas, Nubya Garcia, Good Doom, The Strange Neighbours, Namir Blade… (DV/MO/BBS)


Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist Revue: August 2020: Ron Gallo, Secret Machines, Loki Dope, Fliptrix, Vex Ruffin, Constant Bop, Freak Heat Wave (Dominic Valvona, Matt Oliver, Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

ODB 394: Violent Vickie ‘Division’, The Hannah Barberas ‘Fallow Days’, Death By Unga Bunga ‘Trouble’, Occult Character ‘Race To The Grave’, VA ‘Songs Of The City Of The Four Faces’ (BBS)

Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist: Vol. XLVIII: Wanderlea, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Cass McCombs, King Cesar, Mosses, Chiha (DV)

Serialization: The Great Immurement (Chapters 13-15) (Rick Clarke)

Ticking Our Fancy 090: Young Knives ‘Barbarians’, Phew ‘Vertigo OK’, Krononaut ‘ST’, Harmonious Thelonious ‘Plong’, VA ‘Plague Song’, Map 71 ‘Turn Back Metropolis’, Andrew Heath ‘The Alchemist’s Muse’, Staraya Derevnya ‘Inwards Opened The Floor’ (DV)

ODB 393: Elian Gray ‘Awkward Awe’ (MO)

Premiere: (Video): Junkboy ‘Salt Water’ (DV)

Dan Shea’s Lockdown Jukebox: Part 5: Tindersticks, Ceramic Hello, Xui Xiu (DS)

Serialization: The Great Immurement (10-12) (RC)

ODB 392: Book: John Howard ‘Illusions Of Happiness’ (DV)

ODB 391: Auo ‘I Don’t Want It Darker’, Warped Freq. ‘Shifting Initiation’, Prize Pig ‘The Line’, Tiger Mimic ‘Where The Fire Used To Be’, Nicky William ‘I Fall In Love With Her’, Shishi ‘Mafitishei’, Abel Cain And The Scrubs ‘Scrub This’, Reardon Love ‘Locked In The Panopticon’, Keys ‘This Side Of Love’, Slonk ‘Postman’, Roles ‘Rinpoche’ (BBS)

Dan Shea’s Imaginary Jukebox: Part 4: Fad Gadget, PJ Harvey, HTRK (DS)

Serialization: The Great Immurement (7-9) (RC)

Premiere: (Video) Mike Gale ‘Go Help’ (DV)



Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: Zoe Polanski ‘Pharaoh’s Island’  (Paolo Bardelli)

TOF 088: Thiago Nassif ‘Mente’, Mansur ‘Temple’, JAF Trio ‘ST’, Otis Sandsjo ‘Y-OTIS 2’, The Lancashire Hustlers ‘Four Hands, Two Voices’, Wu Cloud ‘Pulsa Rimba’, Pedro Lima ‘Maguidala’ (Dominic Valvona)

ODB 386: Salem Trails ‘Do Something Dangerous’, Japanese TV ‘Be Cage’, Various ‘A Picture Of Good Health Vols 3.1 & 3.2’, Twisted ankle ‘A Bag Of Pasta’, The Top Boost ‘Tell Me That Your Mine’, Renaissance Grrl ‘Happy When I’m Sad’, The Icebergs ‘Add Vice’, bigflower ‘Hunneh, Spam Javelin ‘Fuck You/Cogged Off’, Beaulieu Porch ‘Vivet Sumus’, The Vapour Trails ‘Golden Sunshine’  (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

Serialisation: Chapter 5: A Rumour In Uskudar  (Ayfer Simms)

ODB 387: Gunther Wusthoff ‘Total Digital’  (DV)

Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #XLVII: Ennio Morricone, Art Decade, Voilaaa, Kahvar Jute, Lord Finesse, VED, Jerzy Millan  (DV)

Fiction/Selection: Dan Shea’s Lockdown Jukebox/Imaginary David Lynch Film Screening Part One  (Dan Shea)

Premiere: (Track) Luke Mawdsley ‘Misery Gland’  (DV)

Serialisation: The Great Immurement Parts 1 – 3  (Rick Clarke)

ODB 388: Beauty Stab ‘French Film Embrace’, The Waterboys ‘The Soul Singer’, She’s A Fish ‘Down Stream’, Peel Dream Magazine ‘Moral Panics’, Violent Vickie ‘The Blame’, Astral Swans ‘Bird Songs’, The Legless crabs ‘One People One Mind One Death’  (BBS)

Fiction/Selection: Dan Shea’s Lockdown Jukebox/Imaginary David Lynch Film Screening Part Two  (DS)

TOF 089: Zoe Polanski ‘Violent Flowers’, Stanley J. Zappa ‘Muster Point’, Forest Robots ‘After Geography’, Campbell Sibthorpe ‘YTown’, Brian Bordello ‘The King Of No-Fi’, Cosuin Silas And The Glove Of Bones ‘Kafoula Avalonia’, John Howard ‘To The Left Of The Moon’s Reflection’, Yanti Bersaudara ‘ST’  (DV)

Serialisation: The Great Immurement Parts 4 – 6  (RC)

Fiction/Selection: Dan Shea’s Lockdown Jukebox/Imaginary David Lynch Film Screening Part Three  (DS)

Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist Revue: El Michels Affair, Oddisee, Miles Davis, Bob dylan, Golda May, Grapefruit, Chantel Van T, Tony Price, Manage  (DV, MO, BBS)


ODB 382: Telemachus ‘Boring And Weird Historical Music’ (Matt Oliver)

ODB 383: Bab L’ Bluz ‘Nayda!’ (Dominic Valvona)

MC Social Playlist XLVI: Itadi, Chrissy Zebby Tembo, Ludus, Drum Circus, Twin Hype (DV)

ODB 384: Cosse ‘Nothing Belongs To Anything’, 8 Floors Up ‘Roman Bones Make Good Glue’, Cathedral Bells ‘Undertow’, Inglourious Bastards ‘Something In The Air’, National Treasure ‘Come And Go’, HighSchool ‘Frosting’, Aimee Steven ‘Darling’, The Rubettes ‘Glamnezia’, Guts Club ‘Song For Carm’, Chris Cech ‘Sloth’  (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

TOF 087: Kahil El’Zabar & David Murray ‘Spirit Groove’, Etienne de la Sayette ‘Kobugi’, Myles Cochran ‘My Own Devices’, Fierro Ex Machina ‘Processions’, Sad Man ‘Daddy Biscuits’, Above The Tree ‘King Above’, Henry Roesli ‘Titik Api’, Scarlet’s Well ‘Magic: Selections From 1999-2010’ (DV)

Premiere: (Single) Campbell Sibthorpe ‘Good Lord’ (DV)

Perusal 012: Ammar 808 ‘Marivere Gati (Ft. Susha)’, Koma Saxo ‘Koma Mate/Jagd (Ft. Jameszoo)’, Itchy-O ‘Milk Moon Rite’, Jon Hassell ‘Fearless’, Tony Price ‘Interview’ (DV)

Premiere: (Track) John Poubelle ‘A Ces Jours’ (DV)

ODB 385: The Original Magnetic Light Parade ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, Deleo ‘Mythomania’, Bananagun ‘The True Story of Bananagun’, Colossus ‘Running in The Sand’, Sir Robert Orange Peel ‘Piers Morgan 1 – 0 Everyone Else’, Salem Trials ‘Pictures Of Skin’, The Amplifier Heads ‘The Man With A Sun For A Head’, Ageing Children ‘Live’ (BB)

Premiere: (Single/Video) bedd ‘You Have Nice Things’ (DV)

Monthly Playlist: Thiago Nassif, Lithics, Wishmaster, Jeffrey Lewis, Gaul Plus, Afel Bocoum, Caleb Landy Jones  (DV/MO/BB)


ODB 378: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. ft. Geoff Leigh  ‘Chosen Star Child’s Confession’  (DV)

ODB 379: Ill Move Sporadic  ‘Drug Corpse II (Body Disposal)’  (MO)

TOF 085: Chouk Bwa & The Angstromers ‘Vodou Ale’, Muriel Grossmann ‘Elevation’, Edifanko ‘The Pace Setters’, Fadhilee Italya ‘Kwetu’, Akatombo ‘Discordia 2003-2020’, Seb Reynolds ‘The Universe Remembers’, Plano Remoto ‘S/T’, Fra Fra ‘Funeral Songs’  (DV)

PREMIERE (Track): Yonic South ‘On’  (DV)

ODB 380: Princess Thailand ‘And We Shine’, Sir Robert Orange Peel ‘Are You Mad Enough’, Sir Bobby jukebox ‘Friendship Gift’, bigfower ‘Hold You In Place’, Palvas ‘Centerpiece’, Salvatore Baglio ‘Sonic Doom’, The Nightingales ‘Four Against Fate’, Xqui ‘Mircochasm’, Simon Klein ‘Cat’ (BBS)

MC Social Playlist #XLV: Little Richard, Tony Allen, Kraftwerk, Embryo, Officer!, Hieroglyphics, Allan Wachs, Damara  (DV)

PREMIERE (Single): Myles Cochran ‘It’s Like This’  (DV)

PREMIERE (Single): Provincials ‘One-Armed Swordsman’  (DV)

Perusal #011: Telemachus ‘Greed’, OK:KO/Alder Ego/Timo Lassy & Teppo Makynen ‘Ateneum 2019′, Sounds and Colours ’10 Years’, The Bundy Bunch ‘POS’, CURRENTMOODGIRL ‘The Letter L’, Double Francoise ‘Les Bijoux’  (DV)

PREMIERE (Single): Admlithi ‘Radal’  (DV)

Kalporz X MC: (Album) Perfume Genius ‘Set My Heart On Fire Immediately’  (Enrico Stradi)

TOF 086: Les Freres Smith ‘Mutation’, Soft Plastics ‘5 Dreams’, Bhajan Bhoy ‘Bless Bless’, Love-Songs ‘Nicht Nicht’, Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro ‘Due Matte’, Simon McCorry ‘The Light Only Blinds’, David Ahlen ‘My Face Will Shine’, Daniel J. Gregory ‘Dusty Starlight’  (DV)

ODB 381: The Legless Crab ‘Be A Sadist’, No Exits ‘S/T’, The Loungs ‘Hey Brain’, DeathDeathDeath ‘Love Is A Construct’, Graham Domain ‘Waking World’, Bloom De Wilde ‘The Heart Shall Be Rewarded By The Universe’, Drew Davis ‘S/T’, Dog Paper Submarine ‘Slippery Satellites’, Salem Trials ‘Head On Rong’, It’s Karma It’s Cool ‘Woke Up In Hollywood’  (BBS)


ODB 374: Roedelius ‘Selbstporträt Wahre Liebe’  (DV)

MC Social Playlist XLIV: Clotilde, Steamhammer, Eno & Gale, Gescom, Def Jef, Cos, Sam Rivers (DV)

PREM: Album: 3 South & Banana ‘S/T’  (DV)

TOF 084: Santrofi ‘Alewa’, Die Wilde Jagd ‘Haut’, Orchestra Of Constant Distress ‘Live at Roadburn 2019’, Halftribe ‘Archipelago’, Sad Man ‘Indigenous Mix 3’, iyatraQuartet ‘Break The Dawn’, Antti Lotjonen ‘Quintet East’, Damily ‘Early Years: Madagascar Cassette Archives’  (DV)

ODB 375: Chris Church ‘Backwards Compatible’, Yakima ‘Go Virtually’, So Beast ‘Super Black’, Geese ‘Bottle’, Tangled Headphones ‘Death By Misadventure’, Aimee Steven ‘Hell Is A Teenage Girl’ Pabst ‘Skyline’  (BS)

PREM: Single: David Ahlen ‘If I Have You’  (DV)

Perusal 009: John Johanna ‘The Eastern Harmony And Gospel Demonstrations: Outtakes And Demos 2015-2017’, Vukovar ‘Cement & Cerement’, Clovvder ‘My Mother Was The Moon’, Twisted Ankle ‘Landlord Laughs’, Escupemetralla ‘Remotitud’  (DV)

ODB 376: Murmur Tooth ‘A Fault In The Machine’, Vukovar ‘Exhumation’, Randolph’s Leap ‘Petrichor’, The Legless Crabs ‘Irregular Of Cellular’, Crumpsall Riddle ‘Looking After The Duck’, Harry Cloud ‘The Pig And The Machine’, Euan Hartley And Friends ‘Ten Years At The Bottom’, Meat Whiplash ‘Don’t Slip UP’, Sunbourne Rd. ‘Teenage Lyrics’, Chinofeldy ‘Stay Home’  (BS)

PREM: Single: Simon McCorry ‘Pieces Of Mind’  (DV)

ODB 377: The Four Owls ‘Nocturnal Instinct’  (MO)

Kalporz X MC: What Is Spotification?  (GM)

Perusal 010: Lucidvox ‘Knife’, Shaw & Grossfeldt ‘Klavier P’, Supergombo ‘Alien Felines From Across The Galaxy’, Makoto Kino ‘Glitter Rose Garden’, Qiumper ‘Boroq-Thaddoi’  (DV)

MC Monthly Playlist (April): Tanya Morgan, Hanni El Khatib, Holy Hive, Nick Cave, Aksak Maboul, Dope Knife  (DV, BS, MO)


ODB 366: Gunshot ‘Burn Cycle’  (Matt Oliver)

Premiere: Hallelujah! ‘Minipony’ Video  (Dominic Valvona)

ODB 367: (Guest Post) Rowland S Howard ‘Teenage Snuff Film’ and ‘Pop Crimes’  (Dan Shea)

ODB 368: Idiot Blur Fanboy ‘Oasis Are The Enemy’  (DV)

ODB 369: Catholic Action ‘Celebrated By Strangers’, The Proper Ornaments ‘Mission Bells’, Piney Gir ‘Puppy Love’, bigflower ‘My Love’, The Lounge Bar Orchestra ‘Pilot Episode’, Harold Nano ‘We’re Almost Home’, Void Vortex ‘Everything I Am (Is Built From You)’, Toxic Chicken ‘Live At Scaledown’  (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

Perusal 007: Gawd Status ‘Admiral byrd’, Ghostwood Development Project ‘Gulley’, Irreversible Entanglements ‘No Mas’, Lunar Bird ‘A Walk’, Adam Green ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’  (DV)

ODB 370: Tamikrest ‘Tamotait’  (DV)

ODB 371: (Guest Post) Notes From The Psychiatric Underground, Or Why I Miss Simon Morris (DS)

MC Social Playlist: #XLIII: Evie Sands, Urbano de Castro, Eternity’s Children, Tuff Crew, Crispy Ambulance, Dzyan  (DV)

TOF 083: Idjah Hadidjah & Jugala Jaipongan ‘Java Sounds Volume One’, JZ Replacement ‘Disrespectful’, Awale Jant Band ‘Yewoulen’, Ville Herrala ‘Pu:’, Jimmy W ‘Midi Canoe’, Passepartout Duo ‘Vis-a-Vis’, Orkesta Mendoza ‘Curandero’, Various ‘Maghreb K7 Club’  (DV)

Kalporz X MC: Listen To The Enemy: The Sound Of Covid-19  (Matteo Mannocci)

ODB 372: Loose Fit ‘Loose Fit EP’, Ploom ‘Ploom EP’, Occult Character ‘Steve Albini’s Kundalini’, Various ‘Mark Barton’s Sunday Experience Album’, Rita Braga ‘Tremble Like A Ghost’, Schizo Fun Addict ‘The Last Wave’, The Hannah Barberas ‘Into The Wild’  (BS)

ODB 373: Mick Harvey ‘Waves Of Anzac/The Journey’  (DV)

Premiere: Seb Reynolds ‘The Universe Remembers’ Single  (DV)

Perusal 008: Nduduzo Makhathini ‘Indawu’, Jacqueline Tucci ‘Fear’, Bedd ‘Auto Harp’, Senji Niban ‘Where The Birds Fly Now?’, Super Inuit ‘Mothering Tongue’  (DV)

MC Monthly Playlist Revue: TrueMendous, Mdou Moctar, Collocutor, Masta Ace, Riz Ahmed, The Stroppies, HiFi Klub, Pozi  (DV,MO,BS)


ODB 362: Pulled By Magnets ‘Rose Golden Doorway’  (DV)

Premiere: Video: Simon McCorry ‘The Nothing That Is’  (DV)

Interview: Joss Cope  (BB)

Perusal #004: Bob Destiny ‘Wang Dang’, Remington Super 60 ‘New EP’, John Howard ‘It’s Not All Over Yet’, Mazeppa ‘The Way In’, Elefant ‘Ultra Plus Ultra’, MAI MAI MAI ‘Il Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie’  (DV)

ODB 363: Martin Mansson Sjostrand Trio ‘Universum Faller’, Bruce Hendrickson ‘New Jerusalem’, The Saxophones ‘Eternity Bay’, C.S.E. Art Project ‘The Truths On The Telly’, November Bees ‘Claw An Father’, Picniclunch, Anytime Cowboy ‘S/T’  (BB)

Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: Photo Roll: Gig: Yussef Dayes  (Giorgio Lamonica)

Perusal #005: Graham Costello’s Strata ‘Cygnus’, Nordine Staifi ‘Zine Ezzinet’, The Band ‘Once Were Brothers’, Chassol ‘Rollarcoaster (pt.2)’, Van Pool ‘Bathing In The Open’  (DV)

TOF 082: Jimi Tenor ‘Ny, Hel, Barca’, Ani Glass ‘Mirores’, Slift ‘Ummon’, Singapore Police Background ‘Antiworlds’, Tony James Morton ‘Fragments’, Matao With Atilla Engin ‘Turkish Delight’, Vivienne Eastwood ‘Home Movies’, Rainbow Island ‘Illmatrix’  (DV)

ODB 364: Various ‘INTENTA: Experimental & Electronic Music From Switzerland 1981-1993’  (DV)

Premiere: Video: Postcards ‘Dead End’  (DV)

Perusal #006: A Journey Of Giraffes ‘Armenia’, Violet Nox ‘Future Fast’, Northwest ‘All Of A Sudden’, Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical ‘Cumbia Sin Nombre’  (DV)

ODB 365: U.S. Girls ‘Heavy Light’  (DV)

MC Monthly Playlist: Four Owls, November Bees, Dueling Experts, Chassol, Dream Parade, Alida King, Seu Jorge  (DV, BB, Matt Oliver)


Our Daily Bread 358: Lina_Raul Refree  ‘S/T’  (Dominic Valvona)

ODB 359: The Van Allen Belt  ‘Let It Goddam Be’  (DV)

Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #XLII: Mike Nesmith, David Bowie, Eula Cooper, Rosa Yemen, Kym Mazelle & Robert Howard, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley  (DV)

Kalporz X MC: [Scoutcloud] Brainstory  (Monica Mazzilo)

ODB 360: bigflower ‘Sound Of Silence’, Pintandwefall ‘Your Stories Baby’, Sunflowers ‘Endless Voyage’, Shadow Show ‘Silhouettes’, Bruce Hendrickson And The Blue Giant Zeta Poppies ‘Any Sunny Day’, Stovepipe ‘Born To Jive’, Floodlights ‘Backyard’  (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

ODB 361: Extradition Order ‘American Prometheus’  (DV)

Perusal #002: Dijf Sanders ‘Ravana’, Jonah Parzen-Johnson ‘Up’, Ani Glass ‘Mirores’, Kamilita ‘Broken Hearted Freak’, Betacrack ‘Unselected Ambient Works Vol.1’, Liz Davinci ‘Harvest Time’  (DV)

Tickling Our Fancy 081: Deutsche Ashram ‘Whisper Om’, Li Yilei ‘Unabled Form’, Jon Hasselll & Farafina ‘Flash Of The Spirit’, Sad Man ‘The King Of The Beasts’, Hallelujah! ‘Wanna Dance’, Seattle Stomp ‘Maudlin Madness’, The Epstein ‘Burn The Branches’, Mike Gale ‘B,C,D Sides Vol.1’ (DV)

Perusal #003: Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela ‘We’ve Landed’, JZ Replacement ‘Tubuka’, Verses Bang ‘The Eagle Has Landed’, Ippu Mitsui ‘Break Through 50 Watts’, Brona McVittie ‘The Green Man’  (DV)

Monthly Revue Playlist: Les Amazones d’Afrique, Hailu Mergia, Lee Scott, Leaf Dog, Kool Keith, Floodlights  (DV/BB)

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