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Tribute: Temple Of (MF) Doom Playlist And Feature. (Dominic Valvona)

Our Daily Bread 416: Conny Frischauf ‘Die Drift’. (DV)

ODB 417: Verses Bang ‘The New Normal’. (DV)

ODB 418: University Challenged ‘Oh Temple!’. (DV)

Premiere: (Video) HESS ‘Substituer Un Traumatisme Imaginaire A Un Veritable Chagrin’. (DV)

Tickling Our Fancy 096: White Ring ‘Light Hours Linger’. Mazeppa ‘Roses’, Azmari ‘Samas’, Myles Cochran ‘Unsung’, Seb Reynolds ‘Nihilism Is Pointless’, RVDS ‘Moods & Dances 2021’, Anaximander Fragment ‘Wagon Down Horse’, SAD MAN ‘Music Of Dreams And Panic’. (DV)

ODB 419: Wedding Present ‘We Should Be Together’, Falcon Jane ‘Heaven’, bigflower ‘Medicine’, Black Twig ‘Devils Please Be Gone’, Cromwell ‘My Darkest Hour’, The Stan Laurels ‘There Is No Light Without The Dark’, Vapour Trails ‘Underneath Tomorrow’. (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: Kalporz teams albums of 2020.

ODB 420: The Telescopes ‘Song Of Love And Revolution’. (DV)

ODB 421: Disco Zombies ‘South London Stinks’. (DV)

Prem: (Video) Balkan Taksim ‘Anadolka’. (DV)

Monthly Playlist: Melt Yourself Down, Madlib, Farhot, Paul McCartney, Jane Inc., Steve Swell… (Matt Oliver/DV/BBS)


Kalporz X MC: IT. Alien Column Playlist. (Claudia Calabresi)

TOF 097: Altin Gun ‘Yol’, Lion’s Drum ‘Kagabas’, Meril Wubslin ‘Alors Quoi’, KYSE ‘Ayuno’, Chuck Johnson ‘The Cinder Grove’, Simon McCorry ‘Nature Is Nature’, Luke Brennan ‘The Rush To The Sky’. (DV)

ODB 422: Kipper Gillespie ‘No Sunshine’, Wedding Present ‘Locked Down And Stripped Back’, Fat Francis ‘Breakfasts For Losers’, The Legless Crabs ‘Onions’, Orphelia Bruuce ‘Psychodelia Vol.1’, LVDS ‘S/T’, Dolph Chaney ‘This Is Dolph Chaney’, Luke Russell ‘Upbeat Downbeat’, The Crushing Velvets ‘a Dream Without Colour’, Ocelot ‘Unelmoi‘. (BBS)

ODB 423: Mazeppa ‘S/T’. (DV)

Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #52: Grazia, Slyvain Slyvain, Prince Lasha, Blade, Trees, Sven Wunder, Jody Grind… (DV)

ODB 424: Alesund ‘Lightning’, Hooveriii ‘Control’, Spam Javelin ‘Three Chords Of The Apocalyptic Cherry Fez…And Other Stories’, BOYA ‘Momentary Moments’, Seth Martin & The Dash Boys ‘The golden Book Of Favourite Songs’, Air Hunger ‘F-I-X-E-R’. (BBS)

ODB 425: White Ring ‘Show Me Heaven’. (DV)

TOF 098: The Invisible Sessions ‘Echoes Of Africa’, Don Cherry ‘Cherry Jam’, Omar Khorshid ‘With Love’, His Name Is Alive ‘Hope Is A Candle: Home Recordings Vol. 3’, Camera ‘Prousthuman’, Mapstation ‘My Frequencies, When We’, Julia Meijer ‘The Place Where You Are’, Obay Alsharani ‘Sandbox’. (DV)

ODB 426: Illman ‘Ugly Days’. (MO)

ODB 427: Anansy Cisse ‘Anoura’. (DV)

Monthly Playlist: Byard Lancaster, Samba Toure, Strange U, The Crushing Velvets, Dom La Nena… (DV/MO/BBS)


ODB 428: Various ‘La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990‘. (DV)

Kalporz X MC: A Minor Place ‘It’ll End In Smile’. (Nicola Guerra)

ODB 429: Bloom De Wilde ‘Flying Carpenters’, New America ‘Hong Kong Free Pass’, Various ‘The Sound Of Northern Star’, A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen ‘2 PCs Chicken – Live In Staines’, The Salem Trials ‘No Waving/File Under Concrete’, Armstrong ‘Beechwood Park’, Dare Above Nemo ‘Mimic EP’, Chris Church ‘Game Dirt’, Futurafter ‘Ep A’, Fatherfigures ‘Any Time Now…And High Time Too’. (BBS)

ODB 430: Witch Camp: I’ve Forgotten Now Who I Used To Be. (DV)

TOF 099: Jane Inc. ‘Number One’, Various ‘Edo Funk Explosion Vol. 1’, Cory Hanson ‘Pale Horse Rider’, Ensemble Da Cadavres Exquis ‘The Warlock Tapes’, Mosquitoes ‘S/T’, Petrolio ‘Club Athletico’, Cementation Anxiety ‘In Continual’, Mecanica Clasica ‘Mar Interior’, Timo Lassy & Teppo Makynen ‘Live Recordings 2019-2020’. (DV)

ODB 431: Forest Robots ‘Amongst A landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning’. (DV)

MC Social #53: R.E.M., Amon Duul II, Poison Girls, Oblivians, Lejuan Love, Falle Nioke, Freur… (DV)

ODB 432: Rafiki Jazz ‘NDUGGU’. (DV)

ODB 433: Chinese American Bear ‘Dumpling’, Opus Kink ‘Wild Bill’, Abacaxi ‘Mainstream Desire’, Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour ‘Sky Children’, Ex Norwegian And Friends ‘Sing Jimmy Campbell’, The Dials ‘And Another Thing…B sides and Asides’, Oliver Rocabois ‘Goes Too Far’. (BBS)

ODB 434: viA fAntAsticA ‘2 Any 1’. (DV)

ODB 435: Samba Toure ‘Binga’. (DV)

Kalporz X MC: Tim Cohen ‘You Are Still Here’. (NG)

Monthly Playlist: Floating Points & Pharaoh Sanders, Andrew Hung, Electric Jalaba, Chris Church… (DV/MO/BBS)


TOF 100: Amanda Whiting ‘After Dark’, Der Plan ‘Save Your Software’, IOKOI ‘Tales Of another Felt Sense Of Self’, Conrad Schnitzler ‘Paracon’, Kirk Barley/Church Andrews ‘Parallels’, Violet Nox ‘Whispering Galaxy’, Federico Balduccli/Fourthousandblackbirds ‘Anta Odeli Uta’, Sone Institute ‘New Vermin Replace Old’, Matt Donovan ‘Underwater Swimming’. (DV)

ODB 436: The Flying Chaucers ‘Down The Creeps’, Joy Formidable ‘Into The Blue’, Vicky Gray ‘Atlaness’, James PM Philips ‘Bones’, Temple Garden Red ‘Shift’, The Armories ‘Incognito’, Nick Waterhouse ‘Promenade Blue’, Patto ‘And That’s Jazz: Live 1971-1973’, Ollie Halsall ‘Lovers Leaping’. (BBS)

MC Social Playlist #54: Erkin Koray, The Croissants, Gary Tucker, Demon Boyz, dogfeet... (DV)

ODB 437: Khalab & M’berra Ensemble ‘M’Berra’. (DV)

ODB 438: Various ‘Bongo Joe 5th Anniversary: Futur Anterieur’. (DV)

ODB 439: Occult Character ‘The Song Remains The Same’, BMX Bandits ‘Star Wars (30th anniversary)’, Salem Trials ‘Refuse To Die’, Toxic Chicken ‘Gamelan(d) 2’, Various ‘Big Stir Singles: The Ninth Waves’, The Forty Nineteens ‘The New Roaring Twenties’, Special Interest ‘Trust No Wave’, Mark E Moon ‘Old Blood’, Lark ‘The Last Woman’, Flowertown ‘S/T’. (BBS)

ODB 440: Vukovar ‘The Great Immurement’. (DV)

ODB 441: Polyphonic Spree ‘Afflatus’. (BBS)

PREM: (Track) John Duncan & Stefano Pilia ‘Fare Forward’. (DV)

TOF 101 (Last Ever): Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell ‘Burn’, Comorian We Are An Island, But We’re Not Alone’, Koma Saxo ‘Live’, Nous Alpha ‘A Walk In The Woods’, IKLAN ‘Album Number 2’, Bagaski ‘Final’, Ocra, Attack! ‘C.M.S.O.’, Federico Balducci ‘And Watch The Earth Below’, David Newlyn ‘Tapes And Ghosts’, Daughters Of The Desert ‘Sorrow Soothe’. (DV)

Kalporz X MC: Minor Moon ‘Tethers’. (Paolo Bardelli)

Monthly Playlist: Flying Lotus, Racquel jones, Adult Books, Nick Waterhouse, Verses Bang… (DV/MO/BBS)


ODB 442: Can ‘Live In Stuttgart 1975’. (DV)

ODB 443: Antonis Antoniou ‘Kkismettin’. (DV)

PREM: (Video) Field Kit ‘Don’t‘. (DV)

PREM: (Single/Track) Crab Costume ‘Disaster’. (DV)

ODB 444: Dez Dare ‘Conspiracy O’ Conspiracy’, Big Flower ‘Wicked’, Holiday Ghosts ‘North Street Air’, Salem Trials ‘A Difference Of Living’, Satch Karens ‘Snake Eyez’, Suzi Moon ‘Call The Shots’, Draaier ‘The Town That Was Murdered’, Jude Cowen Montague & Bettina Schroeder ‘Versus’, TVForDogs ‘I Only Wanted To Make You Cry’. (BBS)

ODB 445: John Howard ‘The Best Of…’. (DV)

ODB 446: Rezo ‘Travalog’. (DV)

ODB 447: BLK JKS ‘Abantu/Before Humans’. (DV)

MC Social Playlist #55: Paul McCartney, Poets Of Elan, Digital Underground, Grace Jones, Joan Of Arc, Cassie… (DV)

The Perusal #13: Andres Vargas Pinedo ‘The Fab Sound Of Andres Vargas Pinedo’, Lunar Bird ‘S/T’, Khasi-Cymru Collective ‘Sai-thain ki Sar’, Rachael Langlais ‘Dothe’, Wladtslaw Trejo ‘Nuestra Voz’, Versylen ‘Radiance‘. (DV)

ODB 448: Spindle Ensemble ‘Inkling’. (DV)

ODB 449: ODB 449: Gruff Rhys ‘Mausoleum Of My Former Self’, Nicholsan Heal ‘Apophenia’, Island ‘Do You Remember The Times’, The Pink Chameleons ‘Peace & Love’, Amy Cutler ‘The End (Also ends) Of (The) Earth And Variants’, Brendan Byrnes ‘2227’, Mekong ‘End Of The World’, The Bablers ‘Psychadilly Circus’. (BBS)

ODB 450: Acid Reich ‘Mistress Of The Perpetual’. (DV)

Monthly Playlist: Los Kings, PS5, L’Orange & Namir Blade, Pony Hunt, Liars, Sarah Neufeld… (DV/MO/BBS)


PREM: (Video) Kid Kin ‘Under A Cloud Of Fret’. (DV)

The Perusal #14: Pons ‘Leland’, Kety Fusco ‘Ma Gnossienne’, Meggie Lemon ‘Night Shift’, Modern Blonde ‘Candyland’, Clamb ‘Earth Mother Grapefruit’, Mike Gale ‘Twin Spirit’, Palais Schaumberg ‘S/T’. (DV)

MC Social Playlist #56: Joni Mitchell, Radiohead, Art d’Ecco, Low Cut Connie, Wicked Lady… (DV)

PREM: (Track) Everest Magma ‘Nues‘. (DV)

Kalporz X MC: Bob Dylan At 80: Interview With Prof. Richard F. Thomas. (Samuele Conficoni)

ODB 451: James Henry ‘Pluck’, Simon Waldram ‘So It Goes’, Sid Bradley ‘Child of The Sea’, Big Stir Singles ‘The Tenth Wave’, Occult Character ‘Bluzzed‘. (BBS)

The Perusal #15: Rules ‘Say It Ain’t So/Florence’, Violet Nox ‘Cosmic Bits (J. Bagist Remix)’, Whispering Sons ‘Several Others’, Black Tempel Pyramid ‘The Hierophant’, Sara Oswald & Feldermelder ‘Drawn’, Night Sky Pulse ‘These Possible Lives’, Heiko Miale ‘Demo Tapes 1984-86’. (DV)

ODB 452: Andrew Hung ‘Devastations’. (DV)

ODB 453: Dal:um ‘Similar & Different’. (DV)

ODB 454: Namgar ‘Nayan Navaa’. (DV)

ODB 455: Paragon Cause ‘Disconnected’, Salem Trials ‘Headful Of Stinging Bees’, Mega Bog ‘Weight Of The Earth, On Paper’, Synthetic Villains ‘Obstacle Navigation’, Foreign Age ‘Understanding Animals’, The Early Mornings ‘Unnecessary Creation’, Cathal Coughlan ‘Song Of Aklan’. (BBS)

Monthly Playlist: Squid, Pons, Edna Frau, dwi, Shannon And The Clams, Skyzoo, Tyler The Creator... (DV/MO/BBS)


Kalporz X MC: Le Marige Collectif. (Monica Mazzoli)

The Perusal #16: Raf And O ‘Thomas Newton’, Jason Nazary ‘Spring Collection’, Chris Sharkey ‘Presets’, Passepartout Duo ‘Daylighting’, The Corrupting Sea ‘Chamber Music For The Dead’, Manzanita ‘Trujillo, Peru 1971-1974’, Karen Zane ‘Cloaked’. (DV)

MC Social Playlist #57: Sparks, Guru Guru, Super Fury Animals, Trader Horne, King Just, CV Vision... (DV)

ODB 456: A Journey Of Giraffes ‘Spool’. (DV)

Prem: (Video) Violet Nox ‘Haumea‘. (DV)

ODB 457: Ed Scissors + Lamplighter ‘Joysville’. (DV)

ODB 458: Lauran Hibberd ‘Bleugh’, Yammerer ‘Tell Me What The Ancient Astronaut Theorists Believe’, Bigflower ‘Hanging On’, Brian ‘Cycle Super Highway’, Anton Barbeau ‘Oh The Joys We Live For’, The Poppermost ‘Hits To Spare’, Daniel Vujanic ‘Paramnesia’, Rob Majchrowski ‘Summer 2021’, The Telephone Numbers ‘The Ballad Of Doug’. (BBS)

The Perusal #17: Motorists ‘Through To You’, PTC ‘Papagaj Ft. Vazz’, Kaukolampi ‘We Jazz Reworks Vol. 1’, Requiem & Simon McCorry ‘Critical; Mass’, Taras Bulba ‘Sometimes The Night’, The Tape Recorders ‘Wire’, Antonello Perfetto & Greg Nieuwsma ‘Aquarium’, Rhombus Index ‘Planar EP’. (DV)

ODB 459: Heyme ‘Moving On‘. (DV)

ODB 460: Xhosa Cole ‘K(no)w Them, K(no)w Us’. (DV)

Monthly Playlist: The Beach Boys, Pozi, Native Souls, Joe Blow, Regressive Left, CIX… (DV/MO/BBS)


ODB 461: Uncommon Nasa ‘Only Child’. (DV)

ODB 462: Seaside Witch Coven ‘A.E.O’, Bloom De Wilde ‘Garden Of The Sun’, Emily Isherwood ‘See you go’, Various ‘The Rough Guide To The Best Country Blues you’ve Never Heard Vol.2’, Graham Domain ‘without The Darkness…The Stars Could Not Shine’, Corduroy Institute ‘Eight/Chance/Meetings’, Snowcrushed ‘A Frightened Man’, Various ‘Summer Sampler #8’, William Carlos Whitten ‘My Life In Cinema’, Girl No. III ‘High-Five For Five/Four’, Sorrows ‘Love Too Late’. (BBS)

MC Social Playlist #58: Shriekback, MF Grimm, Hus KingPin, Lotus Eaters, DMZ, Cypress Hill… (DV)

The Perusal #18: Pons ‘The Pons Estate’, Seb Reynolds ‘Crows EP’, Paxton Spangler Septet ‘Anthem For The New Nation’, Giacomelli ‘Interplanetary Thoughts’, Solyst ‘Spring’, Xqui X SEODAH ‘Sufficiently Disconcerting’, Viktor Timofeev ‘Palace Of Peace & Reconciliation’, D:Rom/Shreddies ‘Sucker’, Ester Poly ‘Wet’. (DV)

Prem: (Single) Julia Meijer ‘Borta Fran Allt‘. (DV)

ODB 463: Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang ‘Hawaii Champroo’. (DV)

ODB 464: Forest Robots ‘Horst & Graben’. (DV)

Kalporz X MC: When Helmet Was The Symbol For The Conquest Of The Majors. (PB)

Monthly Playlist: Liz Cooper, Homeboy Sandman, Ephat Mujuru, Brandee-Younger, Pons… (DV/MO/BBS)

ODB 465: The August List ‘Wax Cat’. (DV)


ODB 466: Iron Maiden ‘Stratego’, Santa Sprees ‘Run Wild When I’m Gone’, Ex Norwegian ‘Thot Patrol’, Birthday Cake! ‘Methods Of Madness’, Flowertown ‘time Trials’, The Legless Crabs ‘Reno’, Speed Of Sound ‘Museum Of Tomorrow’, Salem Trials ‘Something Beginning With’. (BBS)

MC Social #59: Lee Scratch Perry, Naughty By Nature, Ernst Ranglan, Bang, L’Rain, Wu-Lu & Lex Amor... (DV)

The Perusal #19: Motorists ‘Surrounded’, Timo Lassy ‘Trio’, Various ‘Cameroon Garage Funk’, Various ‘Peru: The Land Of Echo’, Variat ‘I Can See Everything From Here’, Andrew Wasylak ‘Bulgay Hills: Morning In Magnolia’, Steve Hadfield ‘See The World Anew Vol.1’, Simon McCorry ‘Flow’, Sone Institute ‘After The Glitter Before The Decay’, Blue Mysteries ‘Dislocated’. (DV)

ODB 467: Monsieur Doumani ‘Pissourin’. (DV)

ODB 468: Santa Sprees ‘Fanfare For Tonsils’. (BBS)

ODB 469: Esbe ‘UNDER COVER’. (DV)

ODB 470: Dead Rituals & Francis Moon ‘Tangled Up’, Hits ‘Cielo Nublado’, ONETWOTHREE ‘S/T’, Equinox X Xqui ‘External Combustion Tension’, Hanrath & Way ‘Prismatic Illusions’, Sun Atoms ‘Let There Be Light’, Will Feral ‘Hellweb’. (BBS)

The Perusal #20: Dr. Joy ‘S/T’, The Mining Co. ‘Phenomenolgy’, Catherine Graindorge ‘Eldorado’, Andrew Heath ‘New Eden’, Headboggle ‘Digital Digital Analog’, Niklas Wandt ‘Solar Musil’, Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters ‘Destiny Waiving’, Psycho & Plastic ‘Soundtrack 2: Pappel’. (DV)

ODB 471: (Track-by-Track) Bordello & Clarke ‘Atlantic Crossings’. (DV)

Monthly Playlist: The Felice Brothers, Blu, Jazzmeia Horn, Crystal Casino Band, Kondi Band, Timo Lassy… (DV/MO/BBS)

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