The Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #72: Terry Hall, Tiger, The The, Popol Vuh, Manuel Göttsching, Lion’s Drum, June McDoom…. (Dominic Valvona)

The Perusal #39: Refree, Phil Ranelin And Wendell Harrison, Hög Sjö, Esbe, Galactapus, Seljuk Rustum, George Winstone… (DV)

Premiere Spot: (Video) Rainbow Island ‘Mithra Night Soup’ (DV)

Our Daily Bread 553: (Album/Video) Clamb ‘Glittering Watermelon Oracle’ and ‘Eggs’ (DV)

A January Digest: Kety Fusco, Mentrix, Gangsta Rabbi, Edo Funk, De La Soul, Beach Boys & Yukihiro Takahashi (DV)

Our Daily Bread 554: Liela Moss ‘Internal Working Model’/ Ghostwoods ‘My Neon’ (Graham Domain)

Our Daily Bread 555: Sara Noelle, Dexter Dine, La Tene (Gillian Stone’s First Post For The Blog)

Our Daily Bread 556: Guided By Voices, Schizo Fun Addict, Maple Mars, Neon Kittens… (Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea)

Monthly Playlist: January 2023: Mentrix, Kahil El’Zabar, Sara Noelle, Your Old Droog, Onoe Caponoe… (TEAM EFFORT)


A February Digest: Siavash Amini, Kalia Vandever, John Howard, Stella Chiweshe, Popol Vuh, Kahil El’Zabar Ethnic Heritage Ensemble… (DV)

Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: [Scoutcloud] Metaphysical, dreamlike: the sonic surrealism of the mysterious Russian musician Mitka (Monica Mazzoli)

Our Daily Bread 557: Trupa Trupa ‘ttt (DV)

The Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #73: Stella Chiweshe, Digable Planets, Milk TV, Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan, Dori Sorride… (DV)

The Perusal #40: Polobi & The Gwo Ka Masters, Moonlight Benjamin, BONDO, Kety Fusco, Antti Lötjönen… (DV)

Our Daily Bread 558: Tachycardie, Chris Plum, Fuz… (GD)

Our Daily Bread 559: Dur-Dur Band Int. ‘The Berlin Session’ (DV)

Our Daily Bread 560: Hawk Percival, Schizo Fun Addict, New No York, Chris Church… (BBS)

Our Daily Bread 561: Seaming To, Kerala Dust (GS)

Monthly Playlist Revue Of February 2023: Moonlight Benjamin, Von Pea, Philip Selway, Pussy Riot… (TEAM)


Our Daily Bread 562: Ali Farka Touré ‘Voyageur’ (DV)

Our Daily Bread 563: The WAEVE, dEUS, Tomo-Nakaguchi, Salem Trials, The Slow Readers Club… (GD)

Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: The imaginative slowcore of Bondo: interview with the band (MM)

A March Digest: Lonnie Liston Smith, Saba Alizadeh, Crime And The City Solution, Faust Tapes, Brian Bordello… (DV)

The Monolith Cocktail Social Playlist #74: Yoko Ono, Wayne Shorter, Trupa Trupa, Blue Lake… (DV)

Our Daily Bread 564: Ruxpin & Stafrænn Hákon, Anemic Cinema, Philip Selway. (GS)

The Perusal #41: Carmen Jaci, Frédéric D. Oberland, Bhajan Bhoy, Boycalledcrow… (DV)

Our Daily Bread 565: A Journey Of Giraffes ‘Empress Nouveau’ (DV)

Our Daily Bread 566: Swans, Halo Maud, Night Noise Team, The Mary Onettes, Heartworms... (BBS)

Première: Renato Fiorito ‘Medusa’. (DV)

Monthly Playlist Revue Of March 2023: Snapped Ankles, Tinariwen, Murs, ILLAMAN, Salem Trials, Anemic Cinema…(TEAM)

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