Words: Ayfer Simms

Monolith Cocktail - Melody Parker


Melody Parker   ‘Archipelago’

The musicians behind Melody Parker form an orchestra unique for each track; kindling the day with its bright and dense aura. The early morning sun burns the dusty tarmac; the city, the village, the town, the burg wakes up in style.

Brightness. Parker is lavishly and eloquently crushing everything on her way on that empty street, with the weight of that voice, songs and lyrics she composes with brilliancy.

Festivity and pleasure exude from the album.

She is love, witty and vast and vintage, the songs are old school at times, sensual, jazzy, and ethnic always followed by a voluptuous orchestra fiercely loyal and discreet, with multiple personalities cohabiting peacefully and passionately. With this song it’s Europe, a bit of accordion pre-war style, the gents are having their last drink buried in humid velvety round arms. Then, with that song it’s post war and the same music plays, the uniforms are damaged; eyes are cloudy and melancholic. And the music spins.

Other tracks are busy fluttering near oceans, under Hawaiian bells and a choral that rocks the mood, gentle, sunny, heated.

The music will not let a label stick to its skin, the wiggle of the compassionate and yet wild snake will flee as soon as you do, but come back from a warm embrace.

She is on a Broadway stage, running in an alley hopping with her generous music.

She is her own light in an explosion of comforting notes.

She is joy, brightness and quirkiness.

To kindle any day, we must listen to her.



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