Our regular round up of news singles, EPs and oddities.


Pre 2016 Tickling Our Fancy  Reviews

001:  Kitten Pyramid,  Mountain Bird,  Juliette Commagere,  The Moons,  Billie Van,  Michael Forrest, tUnE-yArDs.


002:  Raf And O,  Joker’s Daughter And The Bullfrogs,  Mikey Georgeson & The Civilised Scene,  The Soft Close Ups,  Sean Bw Parker,  Tapeheads,  John MOuse,  Tara,  Velour Modular,  The Sound Of Siam Vol. 2.


003:  My Autumn Empire, Marius Neset & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, The Wands, The Vickers, Matt Finucane, You Are Wolf, flies + flies.


004:  Benjamin Shaw, Hallock Hill, Kitten Pyramid, Merrymouth, Hanne Kolsto, Peironi & Parisien, Liars, Towns, Wild Smiles, The Comet Is Coming!, Lady north, Jon Hassell.


005:  James, S J Esau, Owls, DENA, Poeticat, The Imaginary Suitcase, Benjamin Shaw, Dominic Wolf, Nuoli, Hauschka, Babara Morgenstern.


OO5b:  Jef Gilson, Towns, Poeticat, Patrick Duff, Papernut Cambridge, Picturebox, Ah! Kosmos, Ditto Vienna, Tim Paris.


OO6: The Vickers, Black Strobe, The Pictish Trail, Mikey Georgeson & The Civilised Scene, Go Wolf, Lukas Creswell-Rost.


007: Saint Agnes, The Bordellos, I Heart The Monster Hero, Christian Gregory, Francis McDonald & Harry Pye, White Reaper, Franklin, Heiorik.


008: Batsch, Hooray For Earth, Tara, Wild Smiles, Souleance, Kalbata & Mixmonster, Film, Andy Votel, Henri-Pierre Noel, Terminal Gods, Nehruvian DOOM.


009:  Fractions, Opal Onyx, The Green Seed, Olde Worlde, Papernut Cambridge, Kormac, The Garden, Black Strobe, Fofoulah.


010:  Seamajesty, Bo Keeney, Little Scout, Jack Adapter, Kobadelta, Dee Sada, The Wands, B4, Zach And The Imaginaries, David Lawrie.


011:  Aphex Twin, Sky Records Kollektion 01, Lisa Alma, Phil The Tremolo King, Joan Of Arse, Cirping, Ceri James, Location Baked.


O12:  Faust, The Grip, Springtime Carnivore, Yoshida HiFi, Lake Michigan, Hoplesstown, Morning Smoke.


013:  Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Lukas Creswell-Rost, Junkboy, Nimzo Indian, Picturebox, Mikey Georgeson.

014:  Myles Manley, Viet Sign, Location Baked, This Heel, Schizo Fun Addict vs The Bordellos, Kim Halliday.

015:  Francine Thirteen, Keroscene, Marius Nest, Klaus Marten, Slows Down.

016:  Schneider Kacirek, Populare Mechanik, The Unthanks, Vincent Peirani, Vision Fortune, Craig Ward & Radbound Mens, Sean BW Parker & Ettuspadix.

017:  Spiritual Jazz Volume 6, Oz Brazoes, Ginger Johnson and his African Messengers, The Grubby Mitts, Psycho & Plastic, Hanoi Masters.

018:  U.S. Girls, Creature With The Atom Brain, C Duncan, Many Things, Sacri Cuori, Jacco Gardner, Reptile Youth, flies + flies and Thomas Truax.

019: Prince Vaseline, Die Wilde Jagd, OoopopoiooO, Dog, Paper, Submarine, Technicolour Hearts, A New Life.

020: Xaos, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Lake Michigan, Falling Stacks, The Grus, Grounders, Extradition Order, Acorn.

021: Heartless Bastards, Papernut Cambridge, Qluster, Amara Toure, Kobadelta, Casual Strangers, The Greg Foat Group.

022: JOI Sound System, Ginger Johnson And His African Messengers, Dead Bouquet, A Journey Of Giraffes, The Provincials, Psycho & Plastic, Frog, Strange U, U.S. Girls, Kitty Finer, Temple Invisible, Vukovar, Byron Lee & The Dragonires.

023: The Classical, Vukovar, Conrad Schnitzler, White Reaper, Ayu, Nimzo Indian, Snarkmuffin, Hailu Mergia.

024: Singers & Players, Jesus And Mary Chain, Evvol, Kristoff Krane, Delta Mainline, Bixiga 70, Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, Golden Teacher.

025: Bixigia 70, Public Enemy, The Telescopes, CAT AIDS & DJ URINE, Here Are The Young Men And Uncle Peanut.

026: Laraaji, Joanna Newsom, Kuku, Karim Nagi, A Journey Of Giraffes, FM Einheit, Alan Lee and Robert Chaney.

027: Missing Brazilians, Vieux Farka Toure & Julia Easterlin, John Benton, My Autumn Empire, Grand Blue Heron and Senegal ’70 compilation.

028: The Untied Knot, The Fiction Aisle, Steeple Remove, Craig Ward, Elefant and Bruse Wane.

Post 2015 Tickling Our Fancy Reviews:

029: Casual Strangers, G.D.D.L.F., LNZNDRF, Snowball II and Vukovar.

030: The Gaa Gaas, Niels Gordon, Junkboy, The Loved Drones, Edward Penfold, The Van Allen Belt and Xixa.

031: Bifannah, A. Dyjecinski, Map 71, Niagara, Paul Tasker and Rocky Votolato.

032: Danielsson/Lund/Neset, A. Dyjecinski, Hanne Kolstø, Nonstop Everything, Papernut Cambridge, Reptilians From Andromeda and Small Bear Records.

033: Fits., Mel Fung, Jenny Gillespie, Thierry Larose, MANDY and Mark McGowan.

034: Angels Die Hard, Martyn Heyne, Many Monika, Peace Chants Compilation, Tau and Tuath.


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