Monolith Cocktail - Red Dirt

Previously only ever shared via our Facebook profile and on Spotify, our regular Monolith Cocktail Social playlists will also be posted on here on the blog itself. With no themes or demarcated reasoning we pick songs from across a wide spectrum of genres, from all eras. Consider it our imaginary dream radioshow playlist, or if we get the chance, a healthy mix of the tunes we’d play out live if we were djing.

Volume XXI features red dirt plaintive country rock, Arabian trance, Tuareg Blues, cinematic indie trip hop and South Korean rock’n’roll amongst a host of other exotic curios.

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Red Dirt  ‘Memories’
Lucky Brown  ‘Still Listening’
Cro-Magnon  ‘Return To The Journey’
Eugene McDaniels  ‘Headless Heroes’
Mariah  ‘Sokokara’
Ahmed Fakroun  ‘Soleil Soleil’
DJ Oil  ‘Le Rythme De La Vie’
DJ Dolores  ‘Santa Massa Chegoulll’
The Green Door All-Stars  ‘Come With Me (Original Mix)’
Traffic Sound  ‘Jews Caboose’
Sensational Saints  ‘Don’t Take My Sunshine’
The Freedom Sounds feat. Wayne Henderson  ‘All You Need Is Love’
Faris  ‘Temidiwa’
Eddie, Karina Buhr, Curumin, Mestre Nico  ‘Bairro Novo/Casa Caiada’
Orquestra Imperial  ‘Artista E o K’
O’Donel Levy  ‘Playhouse’
Allen Toussaint  ‘Wham Tousan’
Shin Joong Hyun  ‘Beautiful Woman’
Forever Pavot  ‘Electric Mami’
Holy Wave  ‘Suenos’
Cannibal Ox  ‘Ox Out The Cage’
Time Is A Mountain  ‘Memento Mono’
Waltel Branco  ‘Efeito’
Fat Thumbs Ronnie  ‘A Tenuous Link’
Florian Pellissier Quintet  ‘The Hipster’
Cornell Dupree  ‘Doin’ Alright’
Stan Hubbs  ‘Let’s Go On Back To Camp’
The Insect Trust  ‘Walking On Nails’
Los York’s  ‘Vallery’
Group 1850  ‘Dream Of The Future’
Bubble Puppy ‘Elizabeth’
Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra  ‘Badidoom’
The Sufis  ‘Where Did She Go’
Unloved  ‘Guilty Of Love’
The Van Allen Belt  ‘Songs’
Lonelady  ‘Bunkerpop’
C’mon Tigre  ‘Federation Tunisienne de Football (Radio Edit)’
Telegraph Avenue  ‘Tookie Tookie’
Willie Thrasher  ‘Shingle Point Whale Camp’
Thomas Dinger  ‘Ballgefluster’

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