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Monolith Cocktail - Exclusive: sonidos-raices-del-peru

Sharing an exclusive track from their upcoming compilation Sonidos Raíces del PerúSounds And Colours, the arts/culture/political hub for all things South American, has kindly allowed us to feature the Brazilian electronic producer Psilosamples‘s reinterpretation of a signature ethereal folk song by Edith Ramos Guerra and Omar Ponce: two leading lights of the Peruvian contemporary folk scene.

Adding a subtle, congruous and choppy kinetic energy to the original, Psilosample’s dreamy version lifts the original from its peaceable atavistic roots. Taken from a ‘labour of love’ project that features a litany of equally promising Latin American music producers reworking the Peruvian music and customs field recording archives of the French filmmaker Vincent MoonSonidos Raíces del Perú is an integration of the mysterious spirit and traditional traces of Peru and new electronica: dub, andean beat, electro-pop and avant-garde explorations amorphously bring old souls back to life. The results are beautiful, accentuated with gentle caresses of dreaminess and heavenly elevation. Expect a full review from us later this month.

Here’s the full tracklist:

1. El Sueño de la Casa Propia – La Familia Choquihuillca
2. Señor Griff – Huancadelica
3. Caribombo feat. Mene Mauroa – Mi Raza
4. El Remolón – Wari Wari
5. Quixosis – Ballumbro En Pucallpa
6. Pigmalião – El Camiño Para Zaña
7. Ed Bird – Gady Y Su Estudiantina
8. Psilosamples – Qoychuquy
9. Nillo & Sentidor – Curanderos
10. Panchasila – Cariñito Dub
11. Dolli – Viracocha

The album will be released by Sounds And Colours on the 17th June 2016; made available both on Bandcamp and through the website.

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