Words: Ayfer Simms

Monolith Cocktail - Andy Shauf 'The Party'

Andy Shauf   ‘The Party’
Available now via Anti-Records

I usually listen to an album until it liquefies in my ear, passes through the canals in the way that is impossible after a quick listen, until I crack its code, its secrets, getting under its skin or slip myself in its atomic structure.

In the middle of the week though, the music stopped. I had used up my allowance for the free listen. I panicked, would it be fair to review “just” on my memory?  I hurried to buy any tracks I could that were available for purchase: 2 tracks. To be fair to everyone, including the band, I must stress that I am basing this review on those two tracks only. Luckily one of them was my favorite of the album.

A strong charismatic orchestra paired with a gentle voice creates a “flight” in your own mind, lightness and introspection, youth and a ballad, happy, I wanted to cross the Bosphorus for much longer than it normally takes, stay on the boat and drift peacefully with the song. Both “the magician” and “worst in you” have that sweetness in them, something wavy, “poppy”, romantic, indie, cloudy, because it adds a slight mist to the view, rather to the rhythm of the heart. Healing it, mettre en scene l’amour, in songs, and I hummed crossing over from one continent to the other.

I didn’t have time to enter the band’s inner world but the memory of the tracks listened for half a week is present enough in my mind and I remember smiling and feeling in peace. By now the album must be ready for purchase. Indie love anyone?

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