Words:  Ayfer Simms

Monolith Cocktail - Lee La Loa

Lee La loa   ‘Purple Sky’
Follyphone Records

You don’t cry for all the death of the world. When the music gets this sultry you crawl in that place where all the ghosts hide, you sneak disdainfully, without fear yet bravely for all that matters, but lonely. The dusk only lasts a moment, between darkness and bright light, there’s the dust, the hush, the whispers, the secrets. Are you burning too?

That hot incandescent fire of being, the inglorious shivering born from elusive emotions. All the importance of eternity lies in details, in silences, in framed scenes; that old lady dressed in black waiting for her memories to materialize in front of her door, lost actually but she is unaware; like a child. That voice, of glamorous stance will have you kneel, introspect like a meditation to the depth of you, difficult to bare… unavoidable for who wants to be brave.

We are no heroes and we are. We are no knights yet we shield our monsters alone with the headsets on: The music is of nocturnal walks on the side of the highway. It is dark, and can you manage to stay composed in the face of gloominess?

There is resistance, rendered with this atmospheric soothing music touching the rumination of melancholy: And then there is also a dance: chin is down but eyes look up, shoulders are rolling in a undaunted organic glissade, the seduction, the rubbing of, a tiny bit of the soul, to the world? We don’t cry for all the dead, but we do. Lee La loa.

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