Words: Ayfer Simms

Monolith Cocktail - Water Pageant

Water Pageant   ‘Outline’
LP released by Glide Records

Gentle, gentle. Water Pageant has peace to bestow. Their music leaves no room for anger nor anguish, but confers a safe place, a resting den, a needed break; even if the devil wanted to set foot in your skin to inject sadness, it would not anchor as long as the chimes of water pageant blew, like a whistle on a soft ocean, whispering to your conscience, the grief would fly above your shoulders, carried by the motion they set; peace wants to strive, even though your heart is obviously heavy, for man’s melancholy is unshakable. And you listen, with the greatest joy and the greatest sadness the tunes they entrust; their sound awakens both energies of mercy and despair, as if it was one and the same thing, an unbreakable atom, a luminescent force in its own darkness, and the faint flicker of a candle in a cave of wax.

The voice, fragile and loving is comforting, forgiving, and open, like a prayer that offers pardon; appeasing the tempest’s efforts to finish us off. They take the blow and we listen in awe. The guitar drops notes like a light rain before a long voyage, in front of the uncertain horizon, we slide with that chant with us, tiptoeing, until we reach safer grounds. Warm and solitary. Touching.

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