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Monolith Cocktail - Lack Of Afro - playlists

Previously only ever shared via our Facebook profile and on Spotify, our regular Monolith Cocktail Social playlists will also be posted here on the blog itself. With no themes or demarcated reasoning we pick songs from across a wide spectrum of genres, from all eras – though we have of course made some considerations for the summer. It is our imaginary dream radioshow playlist, or if we get the chance, a healthy mix of the tunes we’d play out live if we were djing.


Los Holys  ‘Tormenta’
Nina Simone  ‘Save Me’
Lack Of Afro  ‘Take You Home (Instrumental)’
U.S. 69  ‘African Sunshine’
Dr. John  ‘Right Place Wrong Time’
Swamp Dogg  ‘Chewed Up Grass’
Vivien Goldman  ‘Launderette’
Gary Wilson  ‘I’m Going To Take You To A Thousand Dreams’
Low Cut Connie  ‘Cat In The Cream’
Affinity  ‘Cream On Your Face’
Le Systeme Crapoutchik  ‘Ploum Le Clown’
John Cale  ‘Fear Is A Man’s Best Friend’
Doris  ‘Did You Give The World Some Love Today’
The Rollers  ‘Knockin’ At The Wrong Door’
Little Mack Simmons  ‘I’m A Streaker Baby’
Irene Kral  ‘Is it Over Baby?’
Babadu  ‘I Love Music’
Dream Warriors  ‘Face In The Basin’
Remi Panossian Trio  ‘Happy Culture’
Timothy McNealy  ‘Funky Movement #1’
Edzeyawa  ‘Naa Korle’
Einsturzende Neubauten  ‘Der Weg Ins Freie’
The Glimmers  ‘Frantic’
Khun Narin  ‘Show Wong Khun Narin #1’
Group Doueh  ‘Wazan Samat’
The Electric Prunes  ‘Ain’t It Hard’
Ferris Wheel  ‘Keeper Of The Keys’
The Foundations  ‘I’m Gonna Be A Rich Man’
Gary Davis  ‘Gee Dee’
Springwater  ‘Move A Little Closer’
Canned Heat  ‘Poor Man’
The Feminine Complex  ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’
Riverhead  ‘I Can’t Let Maggie Go’
Yorkston/Thorne/Khan  ‘Little Black Buzzer’
Los Holy’s  ‘Spectro 1’
Galt MacDermot  ‘Golden Apples Part II’
Africa  ‘Paint It Black’
The Pharaohs  ‘Black Enuff’
ESG  ‘Dance’
Xenia Rubinos  ‘Just Like I’
Cody Chestnutt & Sonja Marie  ‘With Me In Mind’
Thomas De Pourquery  ‘Enlightenment’
Markley  ‘Truck Stop’
Celia  ‘No Clarao Da Lua Cheia’
Eduardo Araujo & Slivinha  ‘Circulo Vicioso’
The Deep  ‘It’s All A Part Of Me’
Flied Egg  ‘Out To The Sea’
Zior  ‘Quabala’
Joe Walsh  ‘In The City’

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