Monolith Cocktail

Previously only ever shared via our Facebook profile and on Spotify, our regular Monolith Cocktail Social playlists will also be posted here on the blog itself. With no themes or demarcated reasoning we pick songs from across a wide spectrum of genres, and from all eras. With Psychedelic peregrinations mixing it alongside desert blues, Persian funk, Afrobeat, electronica, leftfield hip-hop and countless other musical denominations, freaks of nature and curiosities.  It is our imaginary dream radioshow playlist, or if we get the chance, a healthy mix of the tunes we’d play out live if we were djing.

#25 Tracklist:

Tamam Shud  ‘Music Train Evolution’
The Free Spirits  ‘Don’t Look Now (But Your Head Is Turned Around)’
The Trolls  ‘Walkin’ Shoes’
The Folkswingers  ‘Eight Miles High’
Nisar Bazmi  ‘Bhabi Meri Bhabi’
Rhyton  ‘Redshift’
William S. Fischer  ‘Circle’
Ashanti Afrika Jah  ‘Mmarima’
Bo Diddley  ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’
Eugene Blacknell, The New Breed  ‘The Trip’
The Third Guitar  ‘Lovin’ Lies’
Henri-Pierre Noel  ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’
Manu Dibango  ‘Motapo’
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band  ‘Love Like This (45 Edit)’
Dalton  ‘Alech’
El Michels Affair  ‘Run Fay Run’
Sonzeira & Moses Boyd  ‘Maos a Obra’
Elektro Haifiz  ‘Gunahkar Helvasi’
Matthew Sweet  ‘Divine Intervention’
Landlady  ‘Above My Ground’
Chamaeleon Church ‘Remembering’s All I Can Do’
Oriental Sunshine  ‘Across Your Life’
Eden’s Children  ‘Things Gone Wrong’
The Pretty Things  ‘Love Is Good’
Titus Groan  ‘Liverpool’
Topo-D-Bill  ‘Witchi Tai To’
Quintessence  ‘Gange Mai’
Lucia Pamela  ‘Moontown’
El Michels Affair Feat. The Shacks  ‘Strange Boy’
Josefus  ‘Dead Man’
Wolf Parade  ‘Palm Road’
The Flock  ‘Heaven Bound’
Los 007  ‘Sentados en el Muelle de la Bahía’
Los Shakers  ‘Sigue Buscando (Keep Searching)’
Los Locos Del Ritmo  ‘Hey Joe’
Selda Bagcan  ‘Mehmet Emmi’
The Jellies  ‘Jive Baby On A Sunday Night (Fred Deakin’s Mix)’
Besombes & Rizet  ‘Montelimar’
Jean-Claude Vannier  ‘Mimi Mimi Mimi’

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