The most eclectic of playlists
Selection: Dominic Valvona

Monolith Cocktail

In case you don’t know the drill, previously only ever shared via our Facebook profile and on Spotify our regular Monolith Cocktail Social playlists will also be posted here on the blog itself. With no themes or demarcated reasoning we pick songs from across a wide spectrum of genres, and from all eras. #26 includes the drone bagpipes jazz of Rufus Harley, Sam ‘the Sham’ Samudio going hard on the funk for Atlantic records, French psych from the Le Systeme Crapoutchik, orchestral pop sike lament from The Move, collage radio breezy alternative rock from Miracle Legion and the most exquisite, evocative version of Bowie’s ‘The Bewley Brothers’ by John Howard. It is our imaginary dream radioshow playlist, or if we get the chance, a healthy mix of the tunes we’d play out live if we were djing.


Bobby Marin & Orchestra Corchado  ‘Pow Wow’
Rufus Harley  ‘Gods And Goddesses’
Sam Samudio  ‘Relativity’
The 4th Coming  ‘Don’t Let Him Take Away Your Mind (Impact Version)’
The Afro Soul-Tet  ‘Mozamba’
Mel Brown  ‘African Sweets’
Della Reese  ‘It Was A Very Good Year’
Lenis Guess  ‘Thank Goodness Gotta Good Woman’
Sons And Daughters Of Life  ‘Operation Feed Yourself’
Mighty Sparrow  ’60 Million Frenchmen’
Jackie Mittoo  ‘Love Life’
Prince Buster  ‘Buster’s Hop (1961 Single Version)’
Dubbledge, Micall Parknsun, Asaviour & Jehst  ‘Rice & Peas’
Awate  ‘Fever’
George Smallwood  ‘Family Affair’
Gloria Ann Taylor  ‘How Can You Say It’
Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie  ‘Touch Me Again’
Mark Eric  ‘Move With The Dawn’
The Master’s Apprentice  ‘Because I Love You’
The Litter  ‘Journeys’
Le Systeme Crapoutchik  ‘Qu’un Jour Dans Ma Vie’
Los Belmonts  ‘Apritalo’
We Five  ‘For Lovin’ Me’
Laurice  ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’
Ersen  ‘Kozan Dagi’
John Wizards  ‘Tek Lek Schrempf’
Kamuran Akkor  ‘Ikimiz Bir Fidanz’
Les Maledictus Sound  ‘Concerto Genocide’
The Move  ‘The Girl Outside’
Joe South  ‘Untie Me’
Russell Morris  ‘Only A Matter Of Time’
Flamin’ Groovies  ‘Sometimes’
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown  ‘Jungle Fever’
Pond  ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’
Eleventh Dream Play  ‘Vanishing Point’
Miracle Legion  ‘Mr. Mingo’
The dB’s  ‘Black And White’
John Howard  ‘The Bewley Brothers’

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