Monolith Cocktail playlist XXIII

Previously only ever shared via our Facebook profile and on Spotify, our regular Monolith Cocktail Social playlists will also be posted here on the blog itself. With no themes or demarcated reasoning we pick songs from across a wide spectrum of genres, from all eras – though we have of course made some considerations for the summer. It is our imaginary dream radioshow playlist, or if we get the chance, a healthy mix of the tunes we’d play out live if we were djing.

Volume XXIII features bongolian pastiches roaming large in Africa, intoxicating concertina dance from Cape Verde, angry black voices from contemporary and old America, kooky French electronique and a host of other equally eclectic and exotic curios.

Tracks –

Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids  ‘We Be All Africans’
Vaudou Game  ‘Lazy Train’
The Bongolian  ‘Madman In Africa’
The Undisputed Truth  ‘Higher Than High’
Noonday Underground  ‘Hello’
MF Grimm  ‘American Hunger (Breakfast)’
Quirino Do Canto  ‘Mino Di Mama’
Ray Barretto  ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’
Ismael Rivera  ‘Besitos De Coco’
Banchee  ‘I Just Don’t Know’
The Great Society  ‘Free Advice’
Michal Urbaniak  ‘Inactin (Special Edition)’
Nino Nardini, Eddie Warner & Roger Roger  ‘Pathetic Motion’
Eddie Hazel  ‘California Dreamin’
The Counts  ‘Funk’
Luv Machine  ‘Lost’
Truth & Janey  ‘No Rest For The Wicked’
The Malpractice  ‘It’s All About Love’
The Grass Roots  ‘Midnight Confessions’
Brothers Unlimited  ‘Who’s For The Young’
Blackrock  ‘Blackrock “Yeah, Yeah”‘
The Afro Soul-Tet  ‘Afrodesia’
Senor Griff  ‘Huancadellica’
Serge Gainsbourg  ‘New York USA’
Margo Guryan  ‘California Shake’
Mandy  ‘For Now’
Scott Fagan  ‘Nothing But Love’
Eugene McDaniels  ‘Outlaw’
Jr Thomas & The Volcanoes  ‘Get A Hold Of You’
Kalbata, Mixmonster, Little John  ‘Prisoner In Love’
Nino Nardini, Eddie Warner, Roger Roger  ‘Pop Electronique No.1’
Raf and O  ‘Time Machine (Robert Logan Remix)’
Pigmaliao ‘El Camino Para Zana’
Rufus Harley  ‘Bagpipe Blues’
Das Goldene Zeitalter  ‘Don’t Give Up Your Smile’
Sounds of the City Experience  ‘Babylon’
Cass McCombs  ‘Opposite House’
The Bongolian  ‘Googa Mama’
DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson  ‘Soleil au Reveil (Radio Edit)’
Hawa  ‘Damages’
Hailu Mergia, Dahlak Band  ‘Minlbelesh’

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