Premiere: The Mining Co. ‘Long Way To Christmas’ Video

December 9, 2019

Dominic Valvona 

The Mining Co. ‘Long Way To Christmas’
(Taken from the recently released Three Kings EP on Pindrop Records)

Following in the wake of his recent heart-pranged and peaceable country-laced Frontier LP, Michael Gallagher, under the Mining Co. moniker, has a crack at nailing the Christmas EP. Bringing in equal measures both nostalgic hazy recollections and more saddening ruminations, Gallagher channels a Donegal vision of Johnny Mathis, Lee Hazlewood, E, and that synonymous craftsman of despondent novelty hits Jona Lewie into a seasonal collection of easy listening and country honed sentiment.

Seasoned as much by those homely Christmases’ in Donegal as by the nativity scenes liturgy of his pal and long-term collaborator Paco Loco’s Spain, the Irish born troubadour adds a flair of Spanish classicism and tremolo to the more traditional comfort blanketed sleigh ride. Written in London, recorded in Andalucía, the Three Kings EP finds a commonality between the two cultures, with Loco’s Spanish influence permeating throughout: A touch of flared and fanned Spanish guitar adds an air of New Mexico desert Americana to the filmic, soft-creeping ‘Ghost Writer’ and more gauze-y coed blizzard ‘Holloway’, and a subtle remedying of Latin rhythms can be heard undulating the Bacharach smooch contender for ‘Christmas No. 1’. Less Spanish, Laco orchestrates the obligatory heartstrings tugging children’s choir on the banjo mosey ‘Long Way To Christmas’.

Today we’re premiering the video of the leading, and opening, festive paean from that EP, ‘Long Way To Christmas’. A mountain trail ambling Chris Rea, with “twelve miles to go”, Gallagher fondly recalls all the fond and longing memories of childhood Christmases’ to a plucked country and jingly chiming sweet snow flurry soundtrack. Far from a novelty, this lilted stirring evocation will last far longer than the Christmas leftovers. Enjoy.


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