Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist: July 2020: El Michels Affair, Miles Davis, Oddisee, Bob Dylan…

July 31, 2020

PLAYLIST REVUE/Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brain ‘Bordello’ Shea

Join us for the most eclectic of musical journeys as the Monolith Cocktail compiles another monthly playlist of new release and recent reissues we’ve featured on the site and tracks we’ve not had time to write about but have been on the radar – some of which have literally just been released today. There’s a glorious full-on sixteen-minute Miles Davis peregrination, taken from the lost Septet live performance of 1971, the latest experimental agit lesson from Beans, dreamwave enchantment from Zoe Polanski, good times disarming profound poetics from Bob Dylan and razor sharp electro pop spite from Violent Vickie.  


El Michels Affair  ‘Dhuaan’
The Liminanas  ‘Calentita’
Violent Vickie  ‘The Blame’
Rob Bradley  ‘The Demise Of Pennywise’
Miles Davis  ‘What I Say’
Beans  ‘Isaac Burns Murphy’
Joey Paro/Badhabitz  ‘2 Wheelin’ It’
JAF Trio  ‘Something New’
Tony Price  ‘Discount’
Yamin Semali/Lazarus  ‘Marianas Web’
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids  ‘Tango Of Love’
Eto/Nyticka Hemingway  ‘Nothin’ Like You’
Gee Bag/Illinformed  ‘American Dreams’
Otis Sandsjo  ‘Tremendoce’
Oddisee  ‘Shoot Your Shot’
Cambatta/Kenny Buttons  ’33’
Blu & Exile  ‘Roots Of Blue’
Adonis/DJ Skizz  ‘Leather Rebel’
Manage  ‘The Ol’ Mighty’
Koralle/Isatta Sheriff  ‘Laid Back’
Apollo Brown/Che Noir  ’12 Hours’
Soulchef/Hydroponikz  ‘Last Time’
Coops  ‘Factory Reared’
Haich Ber Na  ‘By Floras’
Bantou Mentale  ‘Moto’
Dillion ‘Fresh Air’
Clbrks/Morriarchi  ‘WINE LIST’
Abdominal And The Obliques  ‘Gone Fishin”
Shabazz Palaces  ‘MEGA CHURCH’
Verbz/Mr. Slipz  ‘For My Peeps’
Iron Wigs  ‘Six Fisted Sisyphus’
Grapefruit  ‘Tracers’
Wu Cloud  ‘Jambi’
Conformist  ‘Something Beautiful Remix’
She’s A Fish  ‘Skyline’
Mieko Shimizu  ‘Lazy Light (Mike Lindsey Remix)’
Zoe Polanski  ‘Violent Flowers’
The Vapour Trails  ‘Golden Sunshine’
Campbell Sibthorpe ‘Father Carpenter’
Bob Dylan  ‘Goodbye Jimmy Reed’
Golda May  ‘Hear Me Out’
Chantel Van T  ‘Rumble And Crawl’
A.R. Pinewood  ‘So I’ve Been Publicly Shamed’
Astral Swans  ‘Bird Songs’
Liz Davinci  ‘Joni Blue’
The Icebergs  ‘Motorcycle’
Salem Trials  ‘What People Think’
Twisted Ankle  ‘A Bag Of Pasta’
Luke Mawdsley  ‘Misery Gland’

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