Monolith Cocktail Monthly October 2020: Star Feminine Band, Akrobatik, Kahil El’Zabar, Austra…

October 30, 2020

Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea

Join us for the most eclectic of musical journeys as the Monolith Cocktail compiles another monthly playlist of new releases and recent reissues we’ve featured on the site, and tracks we’ve not had time to write about but have been on our radar.

Expect to hear everything and anything; from the joyous Star Feminine Band of Benin to an all star Brit-rap cast communion of Juga-Naut, Micall Parknsun, Cappo and Vandal Savage. We got jazz in all its many guises (Kahil El’Zabar, Yazz Ahmed, Doug Carn), choice guitar bands (Mylittlebrother, HighSchool, Salem Trials, Besnard Lakes), souk rock pysch (BaBa Zula), a crop of experimental artists (Seb Reynolds, Johanna Burnheart, Netta Goldhirsch), ambient wonders (A Journey Of Giraffes) and of course a haul of new hip-hop cuts (Homeboy Sandman, Wolfgang Von Vanderghast, Sha Hef, Joker Star). 54 tracks in all chosen by the team of me Dominic Valvona, Matt Oliver and Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea.

Track List.:. Star Feminine Band ‘Femme Africaine’
Dragondeer ‘Manifest’
Baba Zula ‘Çöl Aslanlari (Desert Lions)’
The Spyrals ‘Same Old Line’
Wolfgang Von Vanderghast ‘Oh What A Carry On’
Swamp Harbour (Stinkin Slumrock, Bisk, Sam Zircon, Jack Danz) ‘No Response’
Homeboy Sandman ‘Waiting On My Girl’
Aesop Rock ‘Pizza Alley’
Akrobatik ‘HOH’
Kahil El’Zabar ‘Prayers For The Unwarranted Sufferings’
Gunn-Truscinski Duo ‘Valley Spiral’
Verbal Kent (The Other Guys, Apollo Brown) ‘Band Logos On My Right (Remix)’
Baeshi Bang (Ip Koa Son) ‘Janggi Taryeong’
The Good Ones ‘Soccer (Summer 1998)’
IKLAN ‘Suffer 2’
Dean & Britta ‘Neon Lights’
Juanita Stein ‘1,2,3,4,5,6’
Wise Intelligent (Snowgoons) ‘Before I Wake’
Sha Hef ‘1008 Ways’
Mark Ski (El Gant, G. Huff) ‘Catch-REC’
J-Live ‘Paint A Picture’
Fliptrix ‘Detonator’
Action Bronson ‘C12H16N2’
Bastien Keb ‘Rabbit Hole’
Juga-Naut (Micall Parknsun, Cappo, Vandal Savage) ‘Gaudi-Gang’
SonnyJim (Must Volkoff) ‘Swim’
D’Lyfa Reilly (Aver) ‘Shoreline’
Paten Locke (Willie Evans Jr, Dillion, Asamov, Basic, J-One-Da, Jay Myztroh) ‘One Time’
Sebastian Reynolds ‘Diving Board’
Joker Starr (The Jones Brothers) ‘Streets Of Rage’
Flavigula ‘Probability Poem’
Hifiklub (Roddy Bottum) ‘Eye Of The Tiger’
Nick Frater ‘Say It’s Alright (Say What You Like’
The Besnard Lakes ‘Raindrops’
Sa-Roc ‘Lay It Down’
Marco Colonna (Noise Of Trouble) ‘Sanza’
Doug Carn (Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge) ‘Desert Rain’
Acquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes ‘Pueblo’
Sweatson Klank (Tiffany Paige, John Robinson) ‘No Time’
Yazz Ahmed (Surly) ‘Deeds Not Words (Remix)’
Uhuru Republic (Giulietta Passera, Msafiri Zawose) ‘Jungla’
The Loved Drones ‘My Name Is Sky’
HighSchool ‘New York, Paris And London’
Mylittlebrother ‘Howl’
Salem Trials ‘Apperley Bridge’
Lucidvox ‘Amok’
Johanna Burnheart ‘Mythos’
Netta Goldhirsch ‘Fake News’
A Journey Of Giraffes ‘Play With The Toys You Have’
Caphas Teom ‘The Kingdom Of Heaven’
epic45 ‘Towpath Acid’
Austra (Planningtorock) ‘Planningto Risk It’
Lizzy Young ‘Coocoo Banana’

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