Monthly Playlist Revue: April 2021: Racquel Jones, Flying Lotus, Special Interest, 3 South & Banana, DMX, Verses Bang…

April 30, 2021

PLAYLIST/Dominic Valvona/Matt Oliver/Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea

All our choice tunes from the last month – and just a couple we missed from March thrown in. As eclectic as ever we have a mix of the brand new and recent reissues, plus a couple of well chosen tributes to fallen Hip-Hop stars, all chosen by me (Dominic Valvona), Matt Oliver (on the rap control) and Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea.


Khalab & M’berra Ensemble  ‘The Western Guys’
Racquel Jones  ‘Sacrilege’
TrueMendous & Masta Ace  ‘Emmett Till’
Eboni Band  ‘Sing A Happy Song (Shake It Down)’
Graham Costello’s Strata  ‘Legion’
DMX  ‘Who We Be’
Beans  ‘Viragor’
Dope Knife  ‘Inereyes’
Verses Bang  ‘You Ain’t A Star’
IKLAN  ‘Star Is Out’
Der Plan  ‘Copy Copy Machine’
Special Interest  ‘Disease’
The Bordellos  ‘Cultural Euthanasia’
Caoilfhionn Rose  ‘Hold Your Own’
The Polyphonic Spree  ‘The Porpoise Song’
Kid Kin ft. Bobo  ‘Control’
Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell  ‘Deshta (Forever)’
Matt Donovan  ‘Lap Creature’
The Flying Chaucers  ‘Down With The Creeps’
3 South & Banana  ‘The Fool The World’
Adult Books  ‘Innocence’
The Armoires  ‘Paris 1919’
Nick Waterhouse  ‘Place Names’
Comorian  ‘Bandits Are Doing Bad Deeds’
Federico Balducci  ‘Together In A Baron’s Ballon, Mov. I’
Minor Moon  ‘Hey, Dark Ones’
Ollie Halsall  ‘Back Against The Wall’
Nathan Francis  ‘Minor Solution’
Amanda Whiting  ‘Just Blue’
Koma Saxo  ‘Euro Koma (Live)’
Violet Nox  ‘Haumea’
Mark E Moon  ‘The Falling’
Orca, Attack!  ‘Ethical Approval’
Bagaski  ‘At Georgetown’
Federico Balducci & fourthousandblackbirds  ‘Queen Of Mars’
LV, Joshua Idehen  ‘Ancestors’
Sone Institute  ‘Dazzling Darkness’
Mello Music Group (Murs, Georgia Anne Muldrow)  ‘Turnt Garveyite’
Datkid & Skinzmann  ‘The Lost Track’
Black Rob  ‘Whoa!’
Murs/Humpty Hump/Shock G  ‘Risky Business’
Bronze Nazareth & Recognize Ali  ‘Street Gospel’
Flying Lotus  ‘The Eyes Of Vengeance’
Vukovar  ‘Psalm’


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