Premiere: Julia Meijer ‘Borta Från Allt’

August 18, 2021


Julia Meijer ‘Borta Från Allt’
(PinDrop Records)  20th August 2021

Pretty much following the career of the Swedish indie-pop artist Julia Meijer since her move to Oxford some years back, the Monolith Cocktail is delighted to premiere the singer-songwriter-guitarist’s next single, ‘Borta Från Allt’.

Once more it’s another transformation for the deft songstress, who constantly seems to surprise us; moving between glacial-like hymnal songs, set to the poetry of Iceland’s national treasure, Steinn Steinar, to more angular new wave. Side-stepping convenient pigeon-holing, Meijer gives the spotlight to her band’s guitarist Andrew Warne, who offers up a turbulent wave of grunge-y coarseness and The Audience style moodiness.  Adding progressive sounding, hallowed suffusion of organ and a backbeat are Sebastian Reynolds and former Guillemot Grieg Stewart.

The title, translated from the Swedish, means ‘Away From Everything’. Meijer has this to say about the single’s intentions, evocations and style:

“I wanted a raw sound that reflected the desperation in the lyrics, which are about wanting to escape everything for just a moment, to find the touch of a familiar hand and to heal in silence.”

Prepare yourselves for some beautifully conveyed turmoil, and lap up this week’s special premiere.


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