Kalporz X Monolith Cocktail: [Scoutcloud] “Drommon”, Smote’s Acid-Folk Horror Spell

November 8, 2021


Continuing our monthly collaboration with the leading Italian music publication Kalporz , the Monolith Cocktail shares reviews, interviews and other bits from our respective sites each month. Keep an eye out for future ‘synergy’ between our two great houses as we exchange posts.

This month Monica Mazzoli introduces us to the music of bewitching acid-folk of Smote.

A sound experience: Smote‘s ‘Drommon’, initially released in April of this year only in the box by Base Materialism, is out this month on vinyl through Rocket Recordings in an expanded version: four tracks, instead of two, that sound as terrifying, as apocalyptic as if John Carpenter were producing an acid folk soundtrack to set to music a hypothetical remake of Brunello Rondi’s Il Demonio.

The studio project of Daniel Foggn, Smote is definitely one of the artists’ to watch out for in 2021: drone music, psychedelia and acid folk. On 21 November, they will make their debut live at Brave Exhibitions Festival as a full band (a quartet).

Monica Mazzoli can be found on Twitter.


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