Monolith Cocktail Monthly Playlist For June 2022: Santigold, Dungen, Pan Amsterdam, Luh’ra…

June 29, 2022

Choice Music From The Last Month
Curated By Dominic Valvona

June tunes from the Monolith Cocktail team of Dominic Valvona, Matt Oliver, Brain ‘Bordello’ Shea, Andrew C. Kidd and Mikey McDonald.


Party Dozen Ft. Nick Cave  ‘Macca The Mutt’
Vukovar  ‘Place To Rest’
Santigold  ‘High Priestess’
Marina Herlop  ‘Shaolin Mantis’
Flying Moon In Space  ‘The Day The Sun Was Made’
Sinead O Brien  ‘Salt’
cumgirl8  ‘Dumb Bitch’
Legless Trials  ‘Dirt Bike’
Taraka  ‘Reverence’
Magon  ‘A Night In Bethlehem’
Oliver Rocabois  ‘Watch The Seasons Come And Go’
Wolf Vanwymeersch  ‘Friendly Is Better’
Dungen ‘Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus’
Pan Amsterdam & Damu The Fudgemunk  ‘Duck Wok’
Les Amazones d’Afrique  ‘Sisters’
Eman El Bahr Darweesh  ‘El Arwam’
Wau Wau Collectif  ‘Yellow-Casqued Hornbill’
La Chinaca  ‘Juegos Malosos’
Luh’ra Ft. AndyMkosi  ‘Give It All’
Bishop Nehru  ‘Heroin Addiction’
El Gant/Ras Kass/Marco Polo  ‘Pageants’
J Rocc Ft. The Koreatown Oddity  ‘The Changing World’
The Book Thieves Ft. Upfront MCs  ‘Human Beings’
L’Orchestre Massako ‘Gnekelhe Mohi’
The Koreatown Oddity  ‘Top Of The Heap (Demo)’
Revelators Sound System  ‘George The Revelator’
Kibrom Birhane  ‘Digis’
Nduduzo Makhatini  ‘Amathongo’
Rico James Ft. Ardamus and The Truth  ‘Stay Away From The Dum Dums’
Cappo/Doctor Zygote/Jazz T  ‘I Go Off’
Tanya Morgan Ft. Jack Davey ‘A Whole Mood (King Most Remix)’
CRIMEAPPLE/Buck Dudley  ‘Entenmann’s’
The Book Thieves  ‘Sarah’
Masai Bey  ‘Ego Power’
Krohme Ft. Sleep Sinatra/Chino XL/Lord Goat  ‘Cursed Earth’
Dirty Dike  ‘Just Dreamin’’
Ghost Horse  ‘Idea’
Loris Cericola  ‘Message From Beyond’
Xqui  ‘Narrator’
Flavia Massimo  ‘Chromosome XX’
Celestial North  ‘The Nature Of Light’
Oog Bogo  ‘New State’
Paul Leary  ‘Indians Storm The Government’
Farmer  ‘The Call’
Trance Farmers  ‘Dusty Tesla’
Rich Ruth  ‘Desensitization And Reprocessing’
Tasha Smith Godinez  ‘My Soul Floats On The Sea: Floating On The Sea’
Jacek and Ewa Doroszenko  ‘Synthetic Nap’
Team Play  ‘Hold Me In Your Arms (Hate And Terror)’
Claude  ‘Twenty Something’
Angel Olsen  ‘Through The Fires’
The Mining Co.  ‘Astral Investigation’

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