Our Daily Bread 543: The Bordellos ‘Ronco Revival Sound’  

September 27, 2022

Album Review
by Graham Domain

The Bordellos ‘Ronco Revival Sound’  
(Metal Postcard Records)

This Gem of an album begins with the Slade-Glam-Stomp of ‘Ronco Revival Sound’ – a return to the innocent days of youth, the days of paper pounds, when we listened to radio 1 for the Charts and a smiling Gary G topped the charts with songs asking you to touch him and his silver platform boots! This song sticks in your head like a harpoon! After 3 plays I was singing along with all the words and imitating the fly-like synth noise! It is catchy, probably the most commercial song I’ve heard from the Bordellos’ and would make a great single!

Next, we have ‘Another Song Named Deborah’, a psychedelic masterpiece of Camberwick Green proportions – like Sid Barrett or Mark E Smith backed by the Byrds after imbibing several jelly tots! If Pulp had covered this song circa 1994 it would have been a huge hit! An uncredited Roger Whittaker, or a milkman, guests on whistling!

‘Fruitcakes and Furry Collars’ is a psychedelic bad trip – all discord and chocolate cake – the Velvets tripping over Pavement with Scott Walker dream-like lyrics – Fabulous!

‘Kinky Dee’ blasts out of the speakers like early Beck backed by the New York Dolls or the Telescopes mixed with Pavement, the MC5 and Suicide! Massive guitar chords chop through a song about love for Garage Rock, giving way to a discordant yet strangely tuneful chorus! At 1.45 min it doesn’t outstay it’s welcome! A song that gets more powerful with each play!

‘Who’s to Blame’ is an acoustic guitar ballad, like Daniel Johnston fronting New Model Army. It namechecks the Fall and reminisces about the days of the summer Manchester acid craze!

‘Sun Storm’ is a beautiful psychedelic love song underpinned by a stoned drum machine tripping on electrical power surges! My favourite song on the album, it reminds me of Beautify Junkyards, Julian Cope with hints of Traffic, the Moody Blues and Ash Ra Temple! Wonderful!

‘Weird K’ is another fabulous song, like Bob Dylan jamming with the Cure in an early morning comedown – tripped out Bliss!

The thing about the Bordellos is that, musically, they go wherever the mood takes them. ‘Nurse, the Screens!’ sounds like a song that Radiohead might do to wild applause! While ‘A Man You’ve Never Seen’ is a dark acoustic ballad that seems to be about depression with the protagonist intimating ‘This could be the darkest place I’ve ever been…’ and asking the question of his love ‘could you sleep

with a man you’ve never seen’, a man whose internal demons have surfaced once again, changing him, through no fault of anyone! It is a simple yet affecting song!

The album ends with a synth pop song not unlike New Order. ‘Temperature Drop’ hints at ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Your Silent Face’, but is still a good song in its own right, with a great vocal.

On this album the Bordellos revel in the magic of music. If LA Woman brings to mind the West Coast of America, Ronco Revival Sound brings to mind the carefree hot summers of the North West of England, when climate change was just an imagined story plot in science fiction! Enjoy this album and be happy, be carefree, be alive!


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