A “beyond redemption selection” of voodoo mambo, vampiric doom Prog, pit and the pendulum Hip Hop, unearthly delights and hypnotic satanical rites. 

1: The Red Callendar Sextette ‘Voodoo’ (Featured on the upcoming Jazzman Records ‘Mambo Jukebox’ compilation, compiled by DJ Liam Large).

2: Dead Skeletons ‘Dead Mantra’ (A Records 2010)

3. Kim Fowley ‘Werewolf Dynamite’ (Found on Fowley’s 1975 LP ‘Animal God Of The Street’, Capitol Records)


4. Cool Runnings ‘Dracula Is Only The Beginning’ (From the album of the same name released earlier in 2012)

5. True Widow ‘Skull Eyes’ (Taken from their ‘As high as the highest heavens and from the center to the circumference of the Earth’ LP, Kemado Records 2011)

6. James Bernard ‘Opening Credits’ (Taken from Bernard’s score for Hammer Horrors 1968 ‘The Devil Rides Out’)

7. Downliners Sect ‘Now She’s Dead’ (Taken from their 1965 EP ‘The Sect Sing Sick Songs’, Columbia)

8. Goblin ‘Safari’ (Taken from their score for Dawn of the Dead, 1978)

9. White Ring ‘IxC999’ (Taken from their 2010 LP, ‘Black Earth That Made Me’ on Rocket Girl)

10. Gravediggaz ‘Diary Of A Madman’ (Taken from their 1994 LP, ‘6 Feet Deep /Niggamortis’ on Gee Street Records)

11. Mike Vickers ‘Dracula A.D 1972 Main Theme’ (Taken from the Hammer Horror movie of the same title, 1972)

12. Acanthus ‘Les Frisson Des Vampires’ (Taken from Finders Keepers re-issue of the original score from Jean Rollins’ 1971 movie of the same title)

13. The Eccentronic Research Council ‘1612 Underture (Montage)’ (Taken from their recent LP of the same title on Finders Keepers)


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