Monolith Cocktail were chosen as one of only two music blogs to receive pre-released version of the girls ‘Buy A Life’ EP. Unfortunately the band called it a day a few months later – nothing to do with us!

An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump
An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump

Taster of the new E.P to be released in November Released on Buy A Life Records

1.    Smear
2.    Silent Hour
3.    Only In The Death

Now let me just say before we start that the band sent me this pre-release taster to review not because I’m that important or because I carry that much sway or influence. No, they passed it on because I’m foremost a big fan of the group, and their just nice like that. In fact they are one of the most down to Earth bands I’ve corresponded with – of course they hope to some degree that my review will be positive and give them some kudos in the bargain.
Well fear not ladies, this the first release on their new label imprint is a riotous slice of post punk influences and Bow Wow Wow, produced by the Charlatans man about LA town, Tim Burgess.

Now if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these ladies live let me give you a quick  summary; imagine the combination of Return To The Thunderdome ascetics with the sound of Jesus And The Mary Chain being banged out by an exotic trio of instrument swapping sirens.
Two bass guitars and a set of primitive drums, played standing up, are their only tools with which to do battle as each secretly titled member, only known as C, D and X Bird – to add a shroud of mystery – take it in turns to sing.
I hope that does some justice for the trio in describing them, though really you need to see them for yourselves. Right, now lets move on to the EP.

This new set of songs are slightly more polished than their previous efforts, though it’s pretty close in style to last years These Sins EP.
Sounding like The Strangeloves era 60s garage pop crossed with Sonic Youth, the opening track ‘Smear’ begins with a trebbly screeching bass before a raw tribal drum beat kicks in. D-Bird supplies the vocals, which are at their most serene and vulnerable as she sings of having no one to reject and cutting away the tears and smears of the title. Grunge influenced but far too cool in comparison with those Seattle losers.
‘Silent Hour’ has a swap around with a moodier and more paced tempo as X-Bird now takes on vocal duties. The drum beat in all its primitiveness is straight out of Ben Hur –  imagine our main character chained to the oars of a Roman galleon as the beat keeps up a rhythm of strokes for the poor unfortunates to row with. A harsh wall of sound is built from the fuzz and phaser heavy duo of basses, which brings to mind a looser Spaceman 3.
Our final track ‘Only In Death’ is a more up-tempo number, which sounds like a steroid pumped Karen O, as C-Bird yelps her way through.
Plenty of noisy and distorted bass lines with all their slides create an infectious and powerful slice of edgy grunge, the highlight of the EP.
The sound of discourse on this track has been delivered at this a most opportune moment. As our bleak landscape of Capitalist market failure slowly rebuilds into the same as it ever was depressing inevitability.

AEOABITAP are the perfect band to feel angst with.
At least for a while they rally the troops for a brief but encouraging moment in these bleak times if nothing else.
Purchase this record and soak up the non-conformist nature of the UK’s best and most uncompromising underground band.


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